RTDC floated consultancy tender for ₹1,430 crore Urban Ropeway System for Shimla

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RTDC floated consultancy tender for ₹1,430 crore Urban Ropeway System for Shimla

Shimla, India (Urban Transport News): In pursuit of providing a seamless and comfortable commuting experience, the Ropeway and Rapid Transport System Development Authority Corporation (Himachal Pradesh) Ltd. (RTDC) has embarked on a pioneering mission. With the vision of leveraging Cable Propelled Transit Systems as a feeder service, RTDC aims to transform urban transportation in Shimla City to meet Central European Norms (CEN Standards). The project not only caters to enhancing urban transport but also contributes significantly to the advancement of tourism and urban infrastructure across Himachal Pradesh.

Underlining its commitment, the Ropeway and Rapid Transport System Development Authority Corporation (Himachal Pradesh) Ltd. (RTDC) has issued a Request for Qualification (RFQ) cum Request for Proposal (RFP) to eligible consultants through an e-tendering process. The objective is to appoint a "General Consultant for Vetting of DPR, Bid Process Management & PMC for Construction & Implementation of Innovative Urban Transportation (Ropeways) Project in Shimla City on CEN Standards."

Key Project Information:

  • RFP Notice No: RTDC/Shimla Urban Ropeway Project/2023
  • Issue Date: 21st August 2023
  • Last date for Submission of bid: 28th August 2023 till 15.00hrs (IST)
  • Date of Opening of Technical Bids: 28th August 2023 at 15.30hrs (IST)

The objectives of engaging the General Consultant encompass a multi-faceted approach:

a) Enhancing Tourism and Transportation: The project aims to catalyze tourism and transportation development within the State by fostering developer participation in enhancing tourist destinations, products, and services. This approach is anticipated to empower and uplift the socio-economic fabric of communities.

b) Ensuring Quality and Timely Execution: One of the core tenets is to uphold superior quality standards and ensure timely project execution within designated timelines.

c) Comprehensive Project Supervision: The General Consultant will meticulously supervise project implementation activities undertaken by the developer, ensuring strict adherence to technical specifications, drawings, and the various stipulations embedded in the EPC Agreement.

d) Efficient Construction Oversight: The project will be overseen by seasoned personnel proficient in contemporary construction methods and contract management practices.

e) Independent Oversight: The General Consultant will function independently and on behalf of RTDC, orchestrating meticulous reviews of all development activities to ensure alignment with the Consultancy Agreement, ultimately cultivating a robust Ropeway Project.

The ambitious venture by RTDC to revolutionize urban transportation through innovative ropeway systems underscores a commitment to progressive infrastructure and tourism development. As the project solicits the engagement of qualified consultants, the city of Shimla braces for a transformative era in its urban transit landscape.

The Shimla Urban Ropeway Project, a visionary undertaking, is set to transform commuting dynamics. Estimated at a cost of Rs 1,546.4 crores (including taxes), the project is helmed by the Ropeway and Rapid Transport System Development Corporation and slated for completion within 5 years.

Spanning an extensive 14.9 km, the ropeway network will feature multiple boarding and disembarking points. Aiming for sustainability, tourists will leave their vehicles at Shimla's entry points, relying on the efficient and eco-friendly ropeway system for convenient travel. With a pledge to be carbon neutral, this project not only revolutionizes transportation but also advocates for a greener future.

In September 2021, Central Government had given its in-principal approval for the implementation of Urban Ropeway Project in Shimla.

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