Consultants appointed for Gujarat's first Pod Taxi project planned in GIFT City

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Consultants appointed for Gujarat's first Pod Taxi project planned in GIFT City

Ahmedabad, India (Urban Transport News): The government of Gujarat is gearing up to introduce an innovative solution for last-mile connectivity in GIFT City, with plans underway for the operation of pod taxis. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between metro stations and high-rise buildings within the sprawling 1000-acre campus in Gujarat.

The proposed Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system will serve as the final link between the metro rail network and offices in GIFT City. A proof of concept has been developed, with the project slated to commence in a small segment before being expanded. As part of the pilot project, tracks will be laid in the Special Economic Zone (SEZS) to facilitate the operation of pod taxis, starting from the metro station in GIFT City. To ensure the project's feasibility, consultants have been appointed to conduct a detailed study.

Italy-based M/s Rina Consulting and Ahmedabad-based M/s CASAD Consultants Pvt. Ltd. have been tasked with carrying out the feasibility study for the development of the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System in GIFT City. The National Highway Logistics Management Ltd (NHLML), a subsidiary of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), initiated the feasibility study through a Request for Proposal (RFP) in early 2023.

The envisioned pod taxis will operate on dedicated tracks constructed on elevated corridors, traversing utility tunnels that intersect GIFT City and providing connectivity to all high-rise structures. The pilot project, as outlined in the RFP, is expected to span approximately 4.6 kilometers.

The appointed consultants will conduct benchmarking studies of various PRT systems worldwide, evaluating them based on key parameters such as project topography and length. Additionally, they will assess different transportation options, technologies, and standards available for the development and operation of PRT systems. Detailed demand assessments, engineering surveys, cost estimates, and projections for future passenger traffic over the next three decades will also be conducted.

As GIFT City advances towards implementing this groundbreaking transit solution, it anticipates a transformative impact on connectivity, efficiency, and convenience for residents and visitors alike.

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