Dubai all set to launch driverless Sky Pod Transport System by 2030

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Dubai all set to launch driverless Sky Pod Transport System by 2030

Dubai, UAE (Urban Transport News): Dubai (UAE) is embarking on a series of ambitious public transport projects with the aim of transforming the city into a futuristic mobility hub.

One such initiative is the Dubai Sky Pod Transport System, spearheaded by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), aligning with the government's vision to integrate smart, driverless, and automated public transport, constituting 25% of Dubai's transportation network by 2030. Extensive groundwork has already commenced on this transformative project, poised to redefine the city's transport landscape.

The contract for the project has been awarded to Beem Car, a British company, by the country's Road and Transport Authority. The innovative system will feature high-speed cable car-style transportation, offering a solution to circumvent road traffic congestion effectively.

The proposed system will comprise driverless four-seater pods suspended in the air, operating in tandem with the Dubai Metro, serving approximately 21 stations. With a capacity to transport 8,400 passengers per hour in each direction, the Sky Pod Transport System is set to significantly enhance public transport accessibility and efficiency in Dubai.

Powered by linear motors and suspended from a lightweight hollow beam positioned 7.5 meters above the ground, the pods will ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience. Passengers can request stops at street level, where they will board the pods. Upon entering their destination via the touch screen interface, the pod will ascend to the main beam and align with a slot between two other pods. Traveling directly to the selected destination without intermediate stops, the pod will descend to ground level for passengers to disembark. Provision will be made for accommodating wheelchairs, bicycles, pushchairs, and mobility scooters onboard.

With external dimensions measuring 2 meters wide, 2.5 meters long, and 2 meters high, the pods prioritize space efficiency while ensuring passenger comfort. Equipped with climate controllers, the pods will maintain pleasant interior temperatures regardless of external weather conditions.

Although each pod operates independently, they are programmed to synchronize operations. If one pod in the stream halts on a section of the beam, all other pods behind it will adjust their speed accordingly, ensuring seamless operation and minimal disruptions.

The official Dubai Sky Pod Transport System Map illustrates its route, connecting Business Bay to Al Wasl and encompassing key areas such as DIFC, Burj Khalifa, Marasi Drive, Bay Avenue, Sheikh Zayed Road, City Walk, Al Wasl District, and the Coca-Cola Arena.

This groundbreaking initiative underscores Dubai's commitment to innovation and sustainability in advancing its public transportation infrastructure, promising a paradigm shift in urban mobility for residents and visitors alike.

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