Kochi Water Metro floats tender to procure 15 more electric-hybrid ferries

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Kochi Water Metro floats tender to procure 15 more electric-hybrid ferries

Kochi, India (Urban Transport News): Kochi Water Metro Limited (KWML) has taken a significant step forward in its phase-2 expansion plans by floating a tender to acquire 15 more electric-hybrid ferries. This move underscores the commitment to enhancing water-based transportation infrastructure in Kochi and furthering the objectives of the Water Metro project.

The tendering process, which had faced delays awaiting approval from the German lending agency KfW, has now been initiated, allowing interested parties to submit their proposals. KWML has extended the timeline for tender submissions to accommodate shipyards requiring additional time. Upon the awarding of the tender, the delivery of the ferries is slated to commence within a year, with efforts aimed at expediting the rollout process to mitigate any potential delays.

Addressing concerns raised by passenger associations regarding fare rationalization, KWML sources highlighted the affordability and convenience offered by the water metro system. Passengers opting for weekly, monthly, or quarterly travel passes can avail themselves of air-conditioned comfort aboard silent ferries at half the cost of bus fares. For example, commuters traveling from South Chittoor to High Court by bus pay ₹18, whereas those opting for waterway routes with a travel pass need only pay ₹10.

Celebrating the first anniversary of the Water Metro, notable personalities including literary critic M.K. Sanoo and disaster management expert Muralee Thummarkudy experienced the convenience and sustainability of ferry travel. Musical events organized at terminals added to the celebratory atmosphere, underscoring the success of the Water Metro in promoting eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

Notably, the influx of tourists utilizing the water metro system has surpassed regular commuter numbers, reflecting its appeal as a scenic and efficient mode of travel. Efforts are underway to encourage residents of the islands to embrace ferry travel, with initiatives aimed at improving last-mile connectivity from terminals.

As construction progresses on terminals at Kumbalam, Paliyamthuruth, Willingdon Island, Kadamakudy, and Mattancherry, plans are in place to commence ferry services on these routes by October. These developments signal a significant leap forward in Kochi's efforts to integrate water-based transportation into its urban mobility framework, promoting sustainability and connectivity for residents and visitors alike.

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