Kerala Chief Minister inaugurates Four new Water Metro Terminals in Kochi

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Kerala Chief Minister inaugurates Four new Water Metro Terminals in Kochi

Kochi, India (Urban Transport News): Kerala's Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, inaugurated a significant expansion of the Kochi Water Metro service on Thursday, marking a milestone in the state's efforts to enhance transportation infrastructure. The launch ceremony, conducted via videoconference, celebrated the opening of four new terminals: Mulavukad North, South Chittoor, Eloor, and Cheranellur.

Addressing the event, Chief Minister Vijayan highlighted the profound impact of the new Water Metro stations, emphasizing that approximately one lakh individuals would benefit from enhanced connectivity. Recognizing Kochi's status as Kerala's commercial hub, Vijayan stressed the importance of providing efficient transportation facilities to residents residing in the city's interconnected islands.

Vijayan underscored the government's commitment to advancing transportation initiatives, asserting that the expansion of the Kochi Water Metro project exemplifies participatory democracy in action. He expressed confidence that the commissioning of additional ferry terminals would foster comprehensive development and elevate living standards, particularly in Kochi's island communities.

The strategic placement of the terminals reflects a concerted effort to maximize accessibility for both residents and tourists. Vijayan noted the introduction of air-conditioned, electric-hybrid ferries, catering to the needs of diverse passengers and contributing to a more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Furthermore, Vijayan highlighted the transformative impact of the Water Metro project, noting its potential to serve as a model for other states seeking to implement similar initiatives. He emphasized the significance of infrastructure development projects, such as national highways and waterways, in driving socio-economic progress and improving the lives of citizens.

Industries Minister P. Rajeeve echoed Vijayan's sentiments, emphasizing the role of Water Metro ferries in bolstering tourism and connectivity to Kerala's islands. The expansion of the national waterway and the imminent inauguration of its first phase are poised to further enhance transportation networks and stimulate economic growth.

With the addition of four new terminals, the Kochi Water Metro now operates on five routes spanning nine terminals, significantly expanding its reach and accessibility. Ticket prices, ranging from ₹20 to ₹40, ensure affordability and inclusivity for commuters.

As the Kochi Water Metro continues to evolve and expand its services, it reaffirms Kerala's commitment to sustainable development and equitable access to transportation for all its citizens.

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