Siemens Mobility-Hassan Allam Construction JV Sign Contract for UAE – Oman Railway Link

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Siemens Mobility-Hassan Allam Construction JV Sign Contract for UAE – Oman Railway Link

In a landmark development for the Middle East and Arab world, Siemens Mobility, in collaboration with Hassan Allam Construction, has been awarded the signaling contract for the UAE – Oman Railway Link, known as the Hafeet Rail project. This pioneering initiative represents the first cross-country railway endeavor in the region, connecting the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi to Sohar in the Sultanate of Oman over a distance of 303 kilometers.

The significance of this project extends beyond its scale, as it marks the inaugural railway system to be introduced in the history of the Sultanate of Oman. The partnership between Siemens Mobility and Hassan Allam Construction underscores their commitment to advancing transportation infrastructure and fostering socio-economic development across borders.

As part of the Abu Dhabi – Sohar Design and Build Railway Systems and Integration contract awarded by Oman – Etihad Rail, a joint venture between the two nations, Siemens Mobility and Hassan Allam Construction will oversee the design, construction, and integration of cutting-edge signaling, telecom, and power supply systems along the entire 303-kilometer railway link. Notably, the signaling solutions deployed will be state-of-the-art and engineered to withstand the unique challenges of desert environments, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Commenting on the significance of the project, Andre Rodenbeck, CEO of Rail Infrastructure at Siemens Mobility, emphasized the company's role as a global leader and innovator in railway technology. With over 150 years of expertise in signaling and railway automation, Siemens Mobility is proud to contribute its latest intelligent solutions to support the ambitions and vision of the UAE and Oman.

Ayman Ashour, CEO of Siemens Mobility in the UAE, expressed deep pride in being entrusted with such a strategic endeavor by Oman – Etihad Rail. He highlighted the project's potential to drive social and economic progress for both countries and anticipated its status as a groundbreaking initiative for the entire region.

Hassan Allam, Chairman of Hassan Allam Construction, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of delivering advanced signaling solutions to facilitate safe and efficient transportation between the UAE and Oman. He underscored the longstanding partnership between Hassan Allam Construction and Siemens, extending from Egypt to important regional countries like the UAE and Oman.

Beyond its immediate impact, the UAE – Oman Railway Link aligns with a broader vision to integrate the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations through a comprehensive Rail Network. By seamlessly connecting to the existing and planned Regional GCC railway network, the project aims to enhance cross-border trade practices, optimize supply chain efficiency, and bolster commercial and social connectivity between the two nations.

Siemens Mobility's Rail Infrastructure unit stands at the forefront of this transformative initiative, leveraging its expertise in intelligent mobility solutions to drive the transition towards a digital railway and automation. Committed to digitalization, automation, and electrification, Siemens Mobility continues to shape the future of mobility, creating safer, greener, and more connected cities worldwide.

The awarding of the signaling contract for the UAE – Oman Railway Link represents a significant milestone in the advancement of regional transportation infrastructure and cross-border connectivity. As Siemens Mobility and Hassan Allam Construction embark on this historic endeavor, they reaffirm their commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance mobility, facilitate trade, and promote economic growth across the Middle East and beyond.

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