Siemens awarded contract to supply High Speed Train sets for Brightline West

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Siemens awarded contract to supply High Speed Train sets for Brightline West

Las Vegas, United States (Urban Transport News): Brightline has announced its selection of Siemens Mobility (Siemens) as the "preferred bidder" for constructing train sets for the ambitious Brightline West high-speed rail project, connecting Las Vegas with Southern California. The contract entails the production and delivery of ten "American Pioneer 220" (AP 220) train sets, slated to be manufactured, transported to Nevada, and undergo testing to meet Brightline West's target of commencing service by 2028.

The decision follows an extensive, multi-year competitive procurement process involving various global contenders. Factors such as pricing, manufacturing timelines, train performance metrics (including speed and travel time), ADA compliance, passenger amenities, and overall passenger capacity were pivotal in Siemens securing this role. Additionally, future compatibility with the California High-Speed Rail project was a key consideration. Notably, the trains will be fabricated in accordance with all relevant "Buy America" regulations.

In addition to the manufacturing contract, Siemens will undertake a 30-year rolling stock maintenance agreement, to be carried out at Brightline West’s Vehicle Maintenance Facility in Sloan, NV. This move is poised to create high-paying employment opportunities, focusing on train maintenance activities on a permanent basis.

Siemens' selection signifies the introduction of the AP220 trainsets, heralding a new era of advanced high-speed technology tailored for the U.S. market. Leveraging the latest in passenger experience, cutting-edge digital technology, and an innovative propulsion system, these trains are an evolution of the successful Velaro platform presently operational in Europe. The AP220 underscores a commitment to fostering a domestic high-speed rail industry, with Siemens set to establish a new production facility, a significant milestone for American transportation infrastructure.

Michael Reininger, Brightline’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "Just as we redefined train travel with our trainsets for Brightline Florida, we are excited to pioneer this new frontier of manufacturing and development for Brightline West. The momentum we are building will culminate in new jobs and a new supply chain, establishing the foundation for a high-speed rail industry from coast to coast."

Echoing this sentiment, Marc Buncher, Siemens Mobility North America CEO, remarked, "We are excited to work with Brightline to transform rail in America. The high-speed chapter of America’s rail story will build on Siemens’ 40 years of designing, building, testing, delivering, and maintaining trains in the United States. On behalf of our 4,500 rail employees across the United States, we are thrilled to be selected to build and maintain America’s first true high-speed trains."

The AP220 marks a significant leap forward in high-speed rail technology in the United States. Designed for operational speeds of up to 220 miles per hour, its advanced propulsion system, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic design ensure enhanced efficiency compared to existing models. Moreover, its ultrawide carbody prioritizes passenger comfort and accessibility, exceeding ADA requirements and facilitating seamless movement for wheelchair users between cars. Each seven-car train will accommodate between 434-450 passengers, with the journey expected to take less than two hours.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Brightline West, held on April 22, 2024, marked the commencement of construction for the 218-mile system, situated within the median of the I-15. This project aligns with Brightline's vision of connecting city pairs beyond feasible driving distances yet closer than typical flight routes. The planned stops include Las Vegas, NV, alongside Victor Valley, Hesperia, and Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Notably, the project received a significant boost with a $3 billion allocation from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, supplementing private funding for the $12 billion initiative.

Brightline's collaboration with Siemens Mobility extends back to the development of the Venture series train sets, which debuted in 2018 on the company’s Florida system.

Brightline's partnership with Siemens Mobility signifies a monumental stride towards realizing the vision of high-speed rail connectivity in America. The selection of Siemens to manufacture and maintain the AP220 train sets underscores a commitment to innovation, job creation, and sustainable transportation infrastructure. With construction underway and significant government backing, Brightline West is poised to revolutionize intercity travel, offering a swift, eco-friendly alternative to congested highways and air routes.

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