Warangal Metro Neo: Project Information, Tenders, Stations, Routes and Updates

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Warangal Metro Neo: Project Information, Tenders, Stations, Routes and Updates

Warangal Metro Neo is an innovative Light Rail Transit Project which will provide state-of-the-art transportation facility to the people of Warangal city.

Project Highlights

  • Project Name: Warangal 'Metro Neo' Project
  • Executing Body: Kakatiya Urban Development Authority
  • Owner: Govt. of Telangana
  • Project Type: Light Rail Transit System (LRTS)
  • Total Network: 15.5 km
  • No. of Phases: 1 (1 Line)
  • Project Cost: INR 1,340 Crore
  • Completion Target: 2025

Metro Neo System Network

Corridor 1: Kazipet Railway Station - Warangal Railway Station

  • Route Length: 15.5 km (At Grade-7.1 km, Elevated- 8.4 km)
  • No. of Stations: 21 (At Garde-9, Elevated-12)
  • Stations: Kazipet Railway Station, Fathima Nagar, NIT Bus Stop, Forest Office, Subedari, Rohini Hospital, Adalath, Nakkallagutta, Ambedkar Junction, DPO Junction, Maternity Hospital, Hanamkonda Chowrasta, Alankar Circle, Mulugu Crossroads, KMC, MGM, Pochamma Maidan, LB Nagar, Kashil Bugga, Venkatrama Talkies and Warangal Railway Station.

Metro Neo Features

  • Traks: The tracks of metro neo will be constructed either elevated or at-grade or both. No underground tunnel will be made for the metro neo system. Kerb Rail Guidance/Centre Rail Guidance shall be used for the Metro Neo system.
  • Rolling Stock: The rolling stock shall be on a rubber tyre running on a road slab (elevated or at grade). The length of Metro Neo coaches will be 25/18 meter and carrying capacity 200/300 passengers. 
  • Speed: The design speed of MetroNeo will be 70 kmph and the scheduled speed will be 25 kmph. 
  • Power Supply: The metro neo will draw power from the overhead electric wire having 600-750 V DC supply. It will take power from overhead electric wire through a railway/tram-like system.
  • Signalling System: Metro Neo shall be equipped with suitable Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system with an anti-collision feature and pre-defined speed limit and operation shall be monitored by central control. 
  • Telecommunication System: Radio-based communication between driver and control room shall be provided for Metro Neo. A fiber-optic-based communication system for CCTV surveillance, Public Information, Data Communication, Master Clock etc. shall be provided. 
  • Ticketing & Payment: The ticketing system shall be based on National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), QR code and any other innovative ticketing system. Metro Neo stations shall generally be unattended and Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), Add Value Machine (AVM) etc. shall be provided at the stations. No AFC gates shall be installed at Metroneo stations. The ticket validator shall be installed in the Metroneo Coaches or on the platforms. 
  • Security: Instead of the X-ray baggage scanner and DFMD facility, the CCTV surveillance system shall be deployed at stations as well as in Metro Neo Rolling Stocks.
  • Passenger Facility: The buses will be air-conditioned with an automatic door closing system, level boarding, comfortable seats, passenger announcement system, and passenger information system with an electronic display.
  • Stations Infrastructure: The stations will have a staircase, lift, and escalators with a passenger information display. The station entry and exit will be provided on both sides of the road to avoid road crossing by passengers.

Major Contract Awarded

  • Maha-Metro & UMTC: Feasibility Survey and DPR Consultant

Progress so far...

  • DPR submitted to Kakatiya Urban Development Authority (KUDA). Now waiting for state cabinet's node.

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