Okaya to supply EV Chargers for Ayodhya Water Metro Project

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Okaya to supply EV Chargers for Ayodhya Water Metro Project

Ayodhya, India (Urban Transport News): Okaya EV, a prominent player in the electric vehicle charging solutions sector, has recently unveiled its high-capacity EV chargers for the Ayodhya Water Metro Project led by Cochin Shipyard Ltd. (CSL). The deployment of these cutting-edge 150 kWh CCS2 super-fast EV chargers plays a pivotal role in bolstering the Ayodhya Water Metro service, connecting Guptar Ghat and Naya Ghat. The introduction of these eco-friendly boats, each capable of accommodating up to 50 passengers, not only offers a comfortable mode of transportation but also aligns with sustainable practices. According to the company's media release, the water metro aims to reduce travel time between the two ghats from 40 minutes to a mere half-hour while providing passengers with a picturesque cruise along the Saryu River.

The strategic implementation of Okaya EV chargers signifies a revolutionary leap in supporting eco-friendly and efficient modes of transport. By leveraging these high-capacity chargers, the Ayodhya Water Metro Project is poised to redefine sustainable mobility in the region.

Anshul Gupta, the Managing Director of Okaya EV, expressed enthusiasm about the company's involvement in the Ayodhya Water Metro Project, stating, "Our participation marks a pivotal step in our commitment to revolutionize sustainable transportation. With the integration of our EV chargers, we are not merely powering boats; we are propelling a transformative journey towards eco-friendly mobility."

The Ayodhya Water Metro Project's next phase involves the installation of Okaya EV fast chargers in Varanasi. This strategic expansion aims to contribute significantly to the region's economic and sustainable transport landscape. The incorporation of fast chargers in Varanasi aligns with Okaya's mission to foster accessible and eco-conscious mobility solutions.

The journey towards sustainable transport involves overcoming challenges associated with conventional road travel. The current 40-minute journey between Guptar Ghat and Naya Ghat includes numerous detours, leading to inefficiencies in terms of time and environmental impact. The introduction of the Ayodhya Water Metro not only mitigates these challenges but also provides an enjoyable and scenic alternative for commuters.

Anshul Gupta emphasized the forward-looking commitment of Okaya EV by stating, "Our involvement in the Ayodhya Water Metro Project is a testament to our dedication to shaping the future of transportation. We envision a world where eco-friendly mobility is seamlessly integrated into everyday life, and our EV chargers play a crucial role in making this vision a reality."

Okaya EV's partnership with the Ayodhya Water Metro Project represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient transportation. The deployment of high-capacity EV chargers not only supports the current water metro service but also sets the stage for future expansion in Varanasi. As we witness the transformation of transportation through eco-conscious initiatives, Okaya EV stands at the forefront, driving positive change in the realm of mobility.

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