Majority of Car users in Bengaluru want to switch from Personal to Public Transport

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Majority of Car users in Bengaluru want to switch from Personal to Public Transport

Bengaluru, India (Urban Transport News): A survey conducted by B.PAC and the World Resource Institute (WRI), India, has revealed that approximately 95 percent of respondents in Bengaluru are interested in transitioning from personal transportation to public transportation, with a specific preference for the Metro Rail system.

In response to the findings of the month-long survey, representatives from B.PAC and WRI plan to launch a campaign called 'Personal2Public.' This campaign aims to educate and motivate the public to switch from private vehicles to bus and metro transport services.

According to Revathy Ashok, the Managing Trustee and CEO of B.PAC, the survey involved 3,855 participants from Bengaluru, especially those located along the Outer Ring Road. The results showed that 95 percent of respondents expressed a desire to switch to the Metro Rail, with 70 percent of them ready to make the switch immediately, provided there is good connectivity between their homes and workplaces.

Srinivas Alavilli, a Fellow at WRI India, emphasized that public transport is the long-term solution to the city's traffic problems. He highlighted that 2023 is a significant year for Bengaluru as the Metro Rail will connect Whitefield to the rest of the city. The #Personal2Public campaign is a citizen's movement involving participation from corporations, auto unions, and citizen groups. The goal is to improve first and last-mile access by collaborating with government agencies. The survey responses underscored that Bengalureans are willing to shift to public transport if it becomes more reliable and seamless.

Among the survey respondents, 60 percent were car users who shared their daily commuting challenges and the stress associated with travel times. They advocated for the integration of transport systems, such as common passes for both Metro and buses.

Vikram Rai from the Bengaluru Apartments Federation mentioned that the survey team and stakeholders had met with Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy to seek government support for the campaign. They also made recommendations, including encouraging the public to pledge to use public transport at least twice a week and addressing factors that discourage its use, such as street lighting and road conditions. Improved shuttle bus connectivity to the Metro system was also proposed to boost ridership.

Auto Rickshaw Drivers' Union (ARDU) and Adarsha Auto Union, both stakeholders in the Personal2Public initiative, announced their plans to launch an app called "Metro Mitra" to assist metro commuters in finding auto rickshaws easily. The app will provide information about the driver, auto number, language proficiency, and experience through a QR code, allowing passengers to choose their drivers and avoid overcharging or refusals. The cost to commuters for using this app will be Rs. 10, which will contribute to its maintenance, according to Rudramurthy, General Secretary of ARDU.

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