BMC invites six-package bids for Versova-Dahisar (Mumbai) Coastal Road Project

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BMC invites six-package bids for Versova-Dahisar (Mumbai) Coastal Road Project

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): In a significant stride towards enhancing Mumbai's coastal infrastructure, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has set the wheels in motion for the Versova-Dahisar North Extension of the Mumbai Coastal Road Project. With the initiation of bidding for all six comprehensive packages, totaling an impressive Rs 16,621 crores, the project marks a crucial milestone in Mumbai's pursuit of improved connectivity, reduced traffic congestion, and enhanced coastal resilience.

Project Scope and Impact

The Mumbai Coastal Road Project's Versova-Dahisar North Extension encompasses a vast stretch along the city's picturesque coastline, aiming to ease vehicular traffic congestion and streamline transportation for the growing population. This ambitious undertaking includes six distinct packages, each strategically designed to address specific sections of the coastal road extension. The project holds the potential to revolutionize Mumbai's coastal accessibility, offering a smoother and more efficient travel experience for residents and visitors alike.

Bid Invitations

BMC's proactive approach to inviting bids for all six packages underscores its commitment to expediting the development of this crucial infrastructure initiative. The bidding process is a pivotal step towards selecting qualified and capable entities to undertake the construction and realization of the project's vision. By reaching out to potential stakeholders, BMC demonstrates its dedication to ensuring a transparent and competitive selection process, ultimately leading to the successful execution of the Versova-Dahisar North Extension.



Package A

Versova to Bangur Nagar

Package B

Bangur Nagar to Mindspace Malad & GMLR Connector (Versova Dahisar Coastal Road Chainage) & (GMLR Connector Chainage)

Package C

Mindspace Malad to Charkop - North Bound Tunnel

Package D

Charkop to Mindspace Malad - South Bound Tunnel

Package E

Charkop to Gorai

Package F

Gorai to Dahisar

The work completion period for all packages are 48 months from the date of award of contract.

Key Benefits and Objectives

The Mumbai Coastal Road Project's Versova-Dahisar North Extension holds a myriad of benefits that extend beyond improved traffic flow. The development of this comprehensive coastal corridor is poised to:

1. Enhance Connectivity: By extending the coastal road northward, the project aims to enhance connectivity across key areas of the city, providing smoother access to various neighborhoods, commercial hubs, and important landmarks.

2. Ease Traffic Congestion: The new road extension seeks to alleviate congestion on existing routes, reducing travel time and enhancing the overall commuting experience for residents and visitors.

3. Boost Economic Growth: Improved transportation infrastructure is a catalyst for economic growth. The project's successful implementation is likely to stimulate business activity and promote investment in the surrounding regions.

4. Strengthen Coastal Resilience: The coastal road extension also holds the potential to bolster the city's coastal resilience, contributing to efforts aimed at addressing climate change and rising sea levels.

Financial Commitment

With a projected cost of ₹16,621 crores, the Versova-Dahisar North Extension underscores the scale of investment required to develop modern and robust infrastructure that meets the needs of a dynamic and rapidly growing metropolis like Mumbai. The financial commitment reflects the city's determination to prioritize the well-being and convenience of its residents and visitors.

The Mumbai Coastal Road Project's Versova-Dahisar North Extension signals a promising chapter in Mumbai's ongoing journey towards enhanced connectivity, reduced congestion, and strengthened coastal infrastructure. As the bidding process unfolds and construction begins, the city's skyline and travel experience are poised for transformation, underscoring Mumbai's unwavering commitment to progress and prosperity.

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