Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro: Project Information, Tenders, Stations, Routes and Updates

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Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro: Project Information, Tenders, Stations, Routes and Updates

Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro is a proposed Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) to connect Nagpur with surrounding suburban cities with three-coach light rail transit.

  • Project Name: Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro Rail Project
  • Owner: Maharastra Metro Rail Corporation, Govt. of Maharashtra and Central Railway (CR)
  • Operator: Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation (Maha Metro)
  • Project Type: Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
  • Total Network: 268.63
  • Project Cost: INR 333.60 Crore
  • Funding Pattern: Govt of Maharashtra, Govt. of India and KfW
  • Completion Target: 2022

Broad Gauge Metro Network

Corridor I: Nagpur - Wardha

  • Route Length: 78.8 km
  • No. of Stations: 13
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Ajni, Khapri, Gumgaon, Bori, Borkhedi, Sindi, Tuljapur, Dahegaon, Seloo Road, Varud, Sewagram and Wardha Junction

Corridor II: Nagpur-Narkhed

  • Route Length: 85.53 km
  • No. of Stations: 11
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Godhani, Bharatwada, Kalmeshwar, Kohali, Sonkhamb, Metpanjra, Katol, Kalambha, Tinkheda and Narkhed Junction

Corridor III: Nagpur-Ramtek

  • Route Length: 41.6 km
  • No. of Stations: 7
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Kalamna, Kamptee, Kanhan Junction, Dumri Khurd, Amdi Halt and Ramtek

Corridor IV: Nagpur-Bhandara Road

  • Route Length: 62.7 km
  • No. of Stations: 8
  • Station Names: Nagpur Junction, Kalamna, Kamptee, Kanhan Junction, Chacher, Rewral, Khat and Bhandara Road

Depot: Khapri

Project Cost: Rs. 333.60 crore

  • Rolling Stock: Rs.200 crore
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System: Rs.11.64 crore
  • Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure: Rs.15 crore
  • Construction of car shed, Station upgradation and passenger amenities: Rs.23.12 crore
  • Pre-operative expenses: Rs.4.97 crore
  • Station integration (Broadgauge Metro and Nagpur Metro): Rs.25 crore
  • Construction of Depot: Rs.80 crore
  • Taxes: Rs.48 crore.

Rolling Stock

  • Train Type: Broad Gauge
  • Design Speed: 200 km/h
  • Maximum Operating Speed: 160 km/h
  • Coaches: 3 Coach Train (DT-M-T)
  • Passenger Capacity: 885 (driver motor car – 285, trailer car – 315 and motor car – 285

Major Contractors

  • UMTC Limited: General Consultancy

Progress so far...

  • July 2018: An MoU signed between the Government of Maharashtra, Central Railway and Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation (Maha-Metro).
  • November 2019: Railway Board approved the detailed project report (DPR) of the project.
  • October 2020: Maharashtra Government cabinet approved the DPR of the project.

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