Kuwait Metro: Know all about Metropolitan Rapid Transit System project

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Kuwait Metro: Know all about Metropolitan Rapid Transit System project

Kuwait Metro is a planned Metropolitan Rapid Transit System project of the Government of Kuwait which will serve the people of Kuwait city with the mixed mode of rail-based transit systems.

Key information

  • Project Name: Kuwait Mass Rapid Transit Project
  • Owner: Transport of Kuwait
  • Project Cost: USD 20 billion (Estimated)
  • Funding Pattern: Public-Private Partnership Mode
  • Total Planned Network: 160 km (4 lines)
  • Operational Network: Nil
  • Under Construction Network: Nil
  • Deadline: 2025

Planned Network

Line 1 (Orange Line): [Fahaheel] - Messila Beach – Kuwait University - [Jahra]

  • Route Length: 23.7 km
  • Total Stations:  19
  • Station Names: [Fahaheel], Messila Beach, Salwa, Bayan, Mubarax Al Kabeer Hospital, Qadisiya Stadium, Shaab, Istiqlal Road, Al Bergan, Bneid Al Gar, Jaber Al Mubarak, Dasman Gate, Ahmed Al Jaber, Sharq, Great Mosque, National Museum, Al Muthana Complex, Jahra Gate, Sadeeq Al Salam Garden, Ministry of Communications, University, [Jahra].

Line 2 (Blue Line): [National Stadium] - Salva - Great Mosque

  • Route Length: 21
  • Total Stations: 27
  • Station Names: [National Stadium, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh, Farwaniya, 6th Ring Road, 360 Mall, New Ministries Area, Shuhada, Hateen, Mishref,] Salwa, Al Montanabi, Al Masjed Al Aossa, Naser Al Mubarak, Hassan Al Banna, Salmiya Park, Qatar Street, Khansa Street, Scientific Center, Salem Al Mubarak, AMR Bin Al ASSA, Marina Mall, Salmiya Hospital, Amman, Hardun Al Rashid, Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital, Sharahbeel Street, Tunis, Al Mohalab Mall, Bin Rushd, Bin Khaldun, Qadisiya Street, Arabi, Cairo, Awqaf Complex, Sawaber and Great Mosque.

Line 3 (Red Line): Jaber Al Mubarak - Kuwait International Airport

  • Route Length: 24 km
  • Total Stations: 15
  • Station Names: Jaber Al Mubarak, Chamber of Commerce, Sawaber, Central Bus Station, Liberation Tower, Jahra Gate, Jahra Road Park, Shuwaikh Industrial, Keefan College, Friday Market, 5th Ring Road, Muscat Street, South Kheitan, 6th Ring Road and Airport.

Line 4 (Green Line): Qadisiya Stadium - Railway Central Station

  • Route Length: 22.7 km
  • Total Stations: 17
  • Stations Names: Qadisiya Stadium, Tunis, Hawalli, Beirut, Damascus, Science University, Friday Market, Rai, Reggae, Avenue Mall, Rubiya, Rahab, National Stadium, Farwaniya Hospital, Sabah Al Nasser, New University and Railway Central Station.


Progress so far...

28 January 2020: The Public Authority for Roads and Transport (PART) of Kuwait recently unveiled the plan for constructing over 160 kilometers Metropolitan Rapid Transit System in over five phases.

Kuwait Metro Route Map

[caption id="attachment_9851" align="alignnone" width="533"]Kuwait Metro Route Map Kuwait Metro Route Map [Click on image to zoom out][/caption]

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