Urban Infra Group to host the Global RailTrans Expo 2023 in New Delhi, India

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Urban Infra Group to host the Global RailTrans Expo 2023 in New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): The Urban Infra Group has announced dates of country's first Global trade exhibition and workshop programme for railways & transportation industry. The group will host RailTrans Expo 2023 from September 14-15, 2023 in New Delhi, India.
India's railway network is recognised as one of the largest railway systems in the world under single management. The railway network is also ideal for long-distance travel and movement of bulk commodities, apart from being an energy-efficient and economic mode of conveyance and transport. Indian Railways is the preferred carrier of automobiles in the country.
The government of India has focused on investing in railway infrastructure by making investor-friendly policies. It has moved quickly to enable Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in railways to improve infrastructure for freight and high-speed trains. At present, several domestic and foreign companies are also looking to invest in Indian rail projects.
According to the recent study report issued by ICRA, the Indian Metro Rail projects will generate Rs 80,000 crore of investment opportunities for construction companies in the next five years.
In view of the above, Urban Infra Group has announced the dates of first RailTrans Expo 2023, a common platform for the Rail, Metro & Transportation Industry, where the rail technology providers, railway innovators, multi-model transit integrators, OEMs, Suppliers, Buyers and Investors can meet together under one roof. 
RailTrans Expo 2023, the new initiative of Urban Infra Group, is aimed to provide a neutral platform for all stakeholders of railways, Metros & Transportation sectors to come under one roof for effective business networking with key people from across the globe. The RailTrans Expo will be an ideal platform for the industry to display the latest technological advancements, innovations, related products and technical services while providing an opportunity for the railway operators (i.e. Indian Railways, Metro Rail Authorities, Transit Operators etc.) to showcase their future requirements, vision and innovations.
Other attractions planned include trade workshops, conferences, and panel discussions that will be providing valuable B2B networking opportunities and forums to discuss and exchange ideas among experts in the field. Entry to RailTrans Expo Centre will be free to all visitors.
RailTrans Expo 2023 is an exciting, all-new exhibition which highlights the very best innovation from across the full spectrum of the Rail, Metro & Transportation industry. 
- Mamta Shah, CEO, Urban Infra Group

Explore the official website of RailTrans Expo or download RailTrans Expo 2023 Information Brochure for further information.

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