Sreedharan resigns from Delhi Metro to contest in the assembly polls

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Sreedharan resigns from Delhi Metro to contest in the assembly polls

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Limited on 10th March 2021 confirmed that Dr. E Sreedharan has resigned from his post as the Principal Advisor to contest the upcoming assembly polls in Kerala.

“Sreedharan, who has been the principal advisor of the DMRC, from January 1, 2012, has submitted his resignation from that position with effect from March 15. His resignation has been accepted by DMRC,” said the official statement issued by DMRC. 

During the inspection of the Palarivattom flyover in Kochi on March 4, Sreedharan said, "I have not cited my preference for any constituency. Kochi is among the place that I know well (having supervised Kochi Metro's phase one works). The sole condition is that it should not be too far away from Ponnani (his place of residence)."

“I will tender my resignation as Principal Advisor of DMRC before submitting the nomination to contest the Assembly poll. I will still be available to oversee development projects, including as an MLA,” he added. 

While responding to a question on his decision to enter politics, Sreedharan said that he was ready for both bouquets and brickbats, being a keen reader of the Bhagawad Gita. “It is natural that some will laud the decision, while others will criticise. I am ready for both,” he said.

Explaining his election campaign strategy, Sreedharan said that he would not be a normal type of campaigning. “There will not be any door-to-door visits. Emphasis will be on digital campaigning, whose message will reach every home and every person. I will work like a technocrat and rely on a competent team like that was deployed to construct the flyover. Ultimately, more technically-qualified people must join politics, to stem the rot in the system,” he added.

He exhorted people to focus on four V's — Vikasanam (development), Vidyabhyasam (education), Vishudha Bharanam (clean governance) and Vyavasayam (the industrial sector). Governance should be clean and benevolent and the BJP could usher in these in Kerala,

Professional competence and integrity are my strong points. “As for age, it is not just physical agility alone, I am mentally very alert,” he said.

Sreedharan started his career in 1954, as an assistant engineer in Indian Railways. He becomes famous after successfully restoring the Pamban bridge in 1964. In 1970, he was handed over the charge of the Kolkata Metro Railway. In 1970, he monitored the Cochin Shipyard Ltd before handing over the charge of Konkan Railways during 1990-95. 

In 1995, he joined DMRC as Managing Director and played an instrumental role in completing various metro projects in the country. He handovers his charge to Dr. Mangu Singh, present Managing Director of DMRC on 31st December 2011, and re-joined DMRC as Principal Advisor.

Apart from Delhi Metro, he monitored and extended his consultancy services to Lucknow Metro, Jaipur Metro, Kochi Metro and Bangalore Metro.

Sreedharan joined Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) last month. He may be given chance to contest upcoming assembly polls in Kerala.

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