Siemens acquires Padam Mobility to enhance its intermodal transportation portfolio

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Siemens acquires Padam Mobility to enhance its intermodal transportation portfolio

Munich, Germany (Urban Transport News): Siemens Mobility today announced that it has acquired Padam Mobility, a technology company that provides AI-powered platforms and applications for on-demand and paratransit services. The leading software as a service (SaaS) organization helps transit operators to provide more efficient transportation in both urban and rural areas.

This acquisition enhances Siemens Mobility's intelligent infrastructure portfolio focused on intermodal transportation. It supports transport operators in their effort to integrate and coordinate different modes of transportation which seamlessly provides travel from the first mile to the last.  

“The acquisition of Padam Mobility reaffirms our commitment to offering digital mobility solutions that increase access to public transportation and intermodal travel. Padam’s proven software and intelligent solutions will expand our ability to provide travel options that integrate and coordinate on-demand and shared mobility. Having the ability to choose from the full spectrum of mobility options significantly improves the travel experience and turns the idea of seamless travel from the first mile to the last into reality,” said Andre Rodenbeck, CEO Rail Infrastructure at Siemens Mobility.

“Joining the Siemens Mobility family for intermodal travel is a tremendous opportunity. It will make Padam Mobility's ambitions even more relevant: reconnecting territories, making mobility policies more impactful in the low and mid-density areas, and offering modern paratransit services. Siemens Mobility's trust in our team, our vision and our agility will make our foundations stronger.”  Grégoire Bonnat - Co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility.

Padam Mobility was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Padam Mobility’s demand responsive transport (DRT) platform is a software suite that is rebranded by public transportation operators to integrate micro-transit and paratransit services. This software suite is based on powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence delivering superb results and efficiency gains. It offers local communities worldwide an advanced management system that improves the travel experience for all users.

The acquisition of Padam Mobility is the latest example of Siemens’ commitment to developing its portfolio of intermodal solutions. It follows the previous acquisitions of Hacon, Bytemark, and eos.uptrade, companies that are also at the forefront in developing intermodal transportation solutions. Both Siemens and Padam Mobility have agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding the financial details of the deal.

Padam Mobility has successfully deployed its intelligent solutions to more than 70 localities in Europe, Asia and North America. More than one million passengers have already enjoyed a smooth ride powered by the Padam Mobility solution.

This technology allows passengers to book their shared ride easily and lets drivers see their itinerary evolve in real-time, thanks to a powerful dispatch, algorithms, and traffic data integration. It provides transport operators with the ability to manage and supervise operations in real-time and collect data to improve the service for users with the management interface. Furthermore, the simulation tool enables public transport authorities to determine the best solution for their needs, as it delivers data such as expected waiting times, cost estimations and filling rates.

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