Russia signs deal to procure bullet trains for Moscow - St. Petersburg high-speed line

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Russia signs deal to procure bullet trains for Moscow - St. Petersburg high-speed line

Moscow, Russia (Urban Transport News): In a bid to revolutionize rail travel in Russia, Russian Railways (RZD) has inked a substantial deal with Ural Locomotives, a subsidiary of Sinara, to spearhead the development, certification, and delivery of two cutting-edge high-speed trains. These trains are set to ply the tracks of the eagerly anticipated Moscow - St. Petersburg high-speed line, heralding a new era of rapid and efficient transportation in the country.

The contract, valued at a staggering Roubles 12 billion (approximately $US 119.6 million), signals RZD's firm commitment to modernizing its fleet and infrastructure. With delivery slated for the year 2028, the anticipation among commuters and industry observers alike is palpable.

RZD, in collaboration with Ural Locomotives, will provide crucial design documentation for the trains, currently in the advanced stages of development at the Railway Transport Engineering Centre in Moscow. Notably, the preliminary design boasts an impressive top speed of 400km/h, with operational speeds reaching up to 360km/h. Additionally, these trains will feature the capability to operate in tandem, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency.

Further details regarding the ambitious Moscow - St. Petersburg high-speed line were divulged by RZD via Telegram on April 11. Spanning approximately 679km, the line is poised to host 16 stations, promising commuters a swift journey time of just 2 hours and 15 minutes between the two major cities. During peak hours, trains are expected to run at intervals of 10 minutes, with a whopping 40 trains operating in each direction daily.

The significance of this high-speed line extends beyond mere convenience, as it is projected to serve a staggering 23 million passengers daily. Notably, journey times to key destinations along the route are set to be drastically reduced, with travel durations of just 39 minutes between Moscow and Tver, 1 hour and 15 minutes between Moscow and Valdai, and 1 hour and 41 minutes between Moscow and Veliky Novgorod.

As progress marches forward, RZD asserts that the design phase of the high-speed line is currently 60% complete, with construction well underway, particularly on the more intricate sections in the outskirts of Moscow. This ambitious project garnered the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who presided over a ceremonial launch on March 14, underlining the government's staunch support for innovation and progress in the realm of transportation infrastructure.

In conclusion, the collaboration between RZD and Ural Locomotives signifies a bold stride towards a future of high-speed, efficient rail travel in Russia. With state-of-the-art trains and meticulously planned infrastructure, the Moscow - St. Petersburg high-speed line promises to redefine the landscape of transportation in the region, offering commuters unparalleled speed, convenience, and connectivity.

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