PK Engineers to conduct traffic study of 2,365 km new bullet train projects in India

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PK Engineers to conduct traffic study of 2,365 km new bullet train projects in India

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Jaipur-based PK Engineers Private Limited has won a contract worth Rs 85 lakh to conduct a ridership study (Traffic Study) for the 2,365 km new proposed high-speed rail projects in India.

The National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) on 12th February 2021 opened the financial bids for tender notice no. NHSRCL/CO/CA/TRAFFIC/2020/40 issued last year December for carrying out Ridership Study (Traffic Study) for DPR of various High Speed Rail corridors.

According to financial bid results, PK Engineers emerged as the lowest bidder among the other three firms for the aforesaid work contract. The financial position of the each bidder is as under:-

  • PK Engineers Private Limited: Rs 85.0 Lakh (L1)
  • Urban Mass Transit Company (UMTC): Rs 1.24 crores (L2)
  • Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS): Rs 1.98 crores (L3)
  • RITES Limited: Rs 2.47 crores (L4)

The proposed 2,365 km new high-speed rail corridors include:-

  • Delhi – Amritsar High Speed Rail Corridor: 459 km
  • Mumbai – Hyderabad High Speed Rail Corridor: 711 km
  • Chennai – Mysuru High Speed Rail Corridor: 435 km
  • Varanasi – Howrah High Speed Rail Corridor: 760 km

According to the tender notice, the contract will conduct the survey work in two stages. In the first stage, they will collect secondary data available demographic, socio-economic, and traffic/travel data for influence area of the corridor. And in the second stage, they will compile the primary and secondary survey data collected from previous studies carried out in the cities and locations in the influence of the proposed high-speed rail routes. The survey locations and survey proforma will be finalized in consultation with the NHSRCL team. 

For the above work, the contractor will use suitable technology like Lidar based system/Camera based system for Vehicle count and other related activities defined in Employers requirement section of the tender document. The contractor will submit the necessary proof and output of the above-used system in addition to the list of deliverables given in the Employers requirement section. The contractor will also submit documentary proof of conducting the WTP Survey to NHSRCL.

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