Nevomo, Umeandus Technologies partner for enhancing India's ports and railway sectors

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Nevomo, Umeandus Technologies partner for enhancing India's ports and railway sectors

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Nevomo, a pioneering European deep-tech firm renowned for its innovative MagRail technology, has joined forces with Umeandus Technologies, an Indian company specializing in Automated Container Evacuation System (ACES), to collaborate on enhancing the capacity and efficiency of India's ports and railways. This strategic partnership aims to leverage their respective technologies to boost virtual capacity across India's transportation and freight distribution network.

Rajeev Chanan, CEO & MD of Umeandus Technologies, emphasized the significance of technology intervention in optimizing resources for a sustainable circular economy. By integrating Nevomo's MagRail technology with Umeandus's solutions like e-FTS, Carri-Port, and Directport, the partnership seeks to enhance land and space productivity while reducing energy intensity in surface transportation, particularly for freight, aligning with India's net-zero targets.

The adoption of MagRail Booster technology holds the promise of significantly enhancing port capacity, performance, and sustainability. This technological intervention is poised to support India's aspirations of becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2027 and one of the world's largest economies. Furthermore, it will facilitate the development of low-cost solutions crucial for fostering seamless trade corridors between India, the Middle East, and Europe.

Harj Dhaliwal, Chief Business and Capital Programmes Officer at Nevomo, highlighted the transformative potential of retrofitting 21st-century technology into existing infrastructure. This collaboration between India and Poland exemplifies a cooperative effort to bolster trade ties, as envisioned during the G20 Summit. By upgrading existing ports and rail infrastructure, India can maximize efficiency and resilience in its supply chains, fostering stronger trade relations with the European Union and other regions.

MagRail technology offers a unique approach to modernizing railways incrementally, allowing for significant capacity and efficiency enhancements at a low cost. By deploying MagRail within existing rail networks, Nevomo aims to make legacy transport systems greener, faster, and more efficient, aligning with 21st-century transportation needs.

Umeandus Technologies focuses on developing innovative solutions in energy, environment, and logistics infrastructure, aiming for commercial viability and environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, Nevomo leads innovation in sustainable mobility, with MagRail technology revolutionizing rail transportation systems, enabling speeds of up to 550 kph through phased implementations inspired by the hyperloop concept.

The collaboration between Nevomo and Umeandus represents a significant step towards realizing India's vision of a modern, efficient, and sustainable transportation network, poised to drive economic growth and environmental stewardship in the region.

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