Moscow launched 25 indigenous electric buses for people

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Moscow launched 25 indigenous electric buses for people

Moscow, Russia (Urban Transport News): 25 electric buses of the Moscow assembly plant are being run-in and the first 10 units will go on routes in early June. The workshop for the production of electric buses at SVARZ was conceived back in 2019, its main goal is to reduce the time of assembly, delivery, maintenance of transport and save on logistics. In August 2020, the project solution for reconstruction and repair was ready.

In March 2021, the first stage of work was completed. Modernization of the production facilities of SVARZ was with an area of seven thousand square meters. The created production facilities are designed for the assembly of up to 500 electric buses per year.

There are about 20 assembly operations are carried out in Moscow from installing doors and interior trim to equipping them with modern software that controls the components and units of the electric bus.

About 20 assembly operations are performed on Moscow SVARZ, which is about 20% of the work on each machine. The main types of work are the setup of all systems, the installation of current collectors, traction equipment, which is the heart of each machine. Specialists set up and check all the functionality, performance, quality, safety and compliance with the technical task.

Why was it necessary to transfer electric bus production to Moscow?

The main advantage is in logistics. Many expensive components are produced in Moscow and the nearest Moscow regions, so no need to transport components for 1300 kilometers anymore. After a miscalculation of the economy, it turned out to be very profitable. In addition, electric buses are assembled here specifically for Moscow, which facilitates the process of acceptance and interaction with the branch operation services. The project was implemented with the support of the Moscow City Government

"Today, Moscow is the leader in the production of electric buses in Europe. The opening of a factory for the production of electric buses in Moscow is an opportunity to quickly and efficiently develop the capital's transport, setting a trend for other Russian and foreign cities. A unique feature of SVARZ is the complete absence of harmful emissions — the production is completely eco-friendly. The new plant will also provide Muscovites with more than 200 jobs and about 100 million rubles of tax revenue per year. This year more than 60% of electric buses from the new delivery will be assembled in Moscow - to make trips even more convenient and environmentally friendly", said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

SVARZ uses the most modern technologies. From the beginning of the assembly to the run-in of the first samples, only a few months passed. In April, the first prototype cars were assembled. In June, the plant reaches full capacity-this is the production of 500 electric buses per year or 35-40 units per month.  By the end of the year, Moscow will have 1000 innovative machines, which will reduce emissions of harmful substances by 86 thousand tons.

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