Meghalaya Govt approves ambitious Shillong Urban Mobility Policy 2024

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Meghalaya Govt approves ambitious Shillong Urban Mobility Policy 2024

Shillong, India (Urban Transport News): In a significant move towards urban development, the Meghalaya State Cabinet granted its approval on Friday to the Shillong Urban Mobility Policy, 2024. This landmark decision is poised to reshape the city's mobility landscape, catering to the growing demands of its populace. Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, addressing the media, emphasized that the new policy encompasses a holistic approach, encompassing facets like public transportation enhancement, expanded pedestrian zones, congestion mitigation, and the establishment of additional parking spaces.

Vision for Improved Urban Mobility

The Shillong Urban Mobility Policy, 2024, is positioned as a visionary roadmap aimed at elevating the overall mobility experience within the state. Chief Minister Sangma highlighted the policy's role in providing strategic guidance and a comprehensive vision for enhancing the state's mobility infrastructure. "It is a process; there is nothing called full implementation," Sangma remarked during the press briefing.

Key Initiatives Under the Policy

One of the pivotal initiatives outlined in the policy is the development of parking facilities at multiple locations across Shillong. The Chief Minister disclosed that tenders for parking lots at approximately 3-4 locations have already been issued, signaling the initiation of this crucial aspect of the plan. The government plans to kick-start construction in these areas soon. With over 1200 parking spaces earmarked for development, the state anticipates accomplishing 50% of the targeted spaces within the ongoing financial year and the remaining 50% in the subsequent financial year.

Furthermore, the policy envisions the creation of expansive walking spaces covering a distance of 10-15 kilometers. This ambitious proposal aligns with the broader goal of fostering a more pedestrian-friendly environment within the city.

Phased Implementation Approach

Chief Minister Sangma emphasized the phased implementation of the policy, stating, "For example, the parking lots of about 3-4 locations have already been tendered out, and the work will start there." He further detailed that the government is on track to provide 1200-plus parking spaces, with an expected completion of 50% within the current financial year and the remaining 50% in the subsequent fiscal year.

Tailored Policies for District Headquarters

Recognizing the diverse urban landscapes within the state, Chief Minister Sangma disclosed plans to formulate separate urban mobility policies for other district headquarters. He elucidated, "Shillong is in a different category altogether, so what applies to Shillong will not apply to Resubelpara or Nongpoh. Therefore, we will be coming up with a separate policy for the other district headquarters."

Paving the Way for a Transformed Shillong

The approval of the Shillong Urban Mobility Policy, 2024, stands as a pivotal moment in Meghalaya's pursuit of enhanced urban dynamics. The phased approach to implementation, coupled with tailored policies for distinct district headquarters, reflects a nuanced strategy to address the unique needs of diverse urban centers. As the state sets forth on this transformative journey, the vision outlined in the policy is expected to usher in a new era of improved mobility, fostering sustainable and inclusive growth for Shillong.

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