Littlepay introduces Open Payments Solution for Public Transit in Lima, Peru

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Littlepay introduces Open Payments Solution for Public Transit in Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru (Urban Transport News): In a remarkable stride towards modernizing the public transit system, the local association of public transit operators in Lima, Peru, known as AEMUS, is set to launch an innovative open-loop payment solution alongside their existing fare collection infrastructure provided by SIMA.

Powered by Planeta Informatica's advanced VSAM technology, the integration of contactless EMV payments seamlessly augments the existing fare collection setup, providing commuters with a convenient and efficient mode of payment.

As part of the groundbreaking deployment in the metropolitan area of Lima and Callao, the transit operators are taking the initiative to invest directly in advanced technology, underscoring their commitment to enhancing the public transportation experience in the region.

London-based transit payments processing specialist, Littlepay, announced its pivotal role in the implementation of open-loop payments in Lima, Peru. Commuters traveling on the AEMUS network of buses can now conveniently pay for their rides using a contactless bank card or a digital wallet, marking a significant leap forward in the region's transit payment capabilities.

The official launch of this transformative functionality took place on the 31st of October in Lima, with key representatives from AEMUS, VISA, and Littlepay in attendance, commemorating the successful introduction of this groundbreaking project.

Didier Muguet, the LATAM Regional Manager at Littlepay, expressed his pride in being a part of this pioneering endeavor, highlighting AEMUS's leading role in driving progress in the region and paving the way for future innovations.

Furthermore, the collaboration between system integrator SIMA and Littlepay has enabled the seamless addition of contactless payment capabilities to the existing fare collection infrastructure. While SIMA continues to support the existing smart card and cash handling systems, SC Soft has facilitated the integration of the Planeta VSAM, an innovative modular add-on that effortlessly enables full EMV processing on the device.

The pre-integrated solution developed by Planeta Informatica and Littlepay offers a plug-and-play approach, requiring minimal development at the device level, thereby streamlining the process for operators seeking to embrace bank card payments on their transit services swiftly and efficiently.

The crucial merchant acquiring services are provided by IZIPAY via Visa's Cybersource gateway, ensuring a secure and reliable payment processing experience for all commuters.

AEMUS, comprising a consortium of transit operators responsible for bus services in the Lima and Callao metropolitan areas, remains committed to promoting sustainable mobility and ensuring a safe and reliable network for the residents. The organization, consisting of Urbanito, Etuchisa, Nueva America, and La50, has witnessed notable enhancements in operational efficiency and cost reduction as a result of their collaborative efforts. The introduction of open-loop payments is poised to further elevate the quality of their services, with plans to expand the new payment option across their entire network of 1000 vehicles following an initial launch on 400 buses.

This pioneering initiative marks the first-ever integrated ticketing infrastructure in Peru, allowing residents, commuters, and tourists to conveniently pay for their fares by simply tapping their contactless cards on any AEMUS route, streamlining the transit experience for all stakeholders.

Luis Edgardo Ramirez Garcia, the General Manager at AEMUS, emphasized the organization's vision to transform the current urban transportation system into a harmonized, efficient network. With the introduction of the contactless digital payment method, named MOVILIZATE Card, AEMUS aims to offer a unified service with integrated fares and promotions, benefiting commuters and promoting sustainable mobility in the region.

Planeta Informatica's VSAM EMV ticketing technology plays a pivotal role in fortifying the security and cryptography performance of the existing payment devices, enabling a smooth integration of contactless payments on top of the pre-existing closed-loop smart card infrastructure. This user-friendly technology simplifies the process of incorporating open-loop payments into an existing fleet, streamlining the transition for both operators and commuters.

Luis Edgardo Ramirez Garcia reiterated the significance of implementing contactless payments in enhancing the overall value of routes and operators, enabling access to competitive bank credit rates, and fostering environmentally friendly mobility options, thereby paving the way for a sustainable and smart city transformation.

Reflecting on the successful collaboration, Didier Muguet of Littlepay expressed his admiration for the innovative outcomes that emerge when system integrators and modular partners work in tandem. Littlepay's versatile, API-based payments platform, along with its 'Littlepay Ready' validators, back offices, payment gateways, and acquiring banks, underscores the company's commitment to providing transit agencies with a rapid and adaptable route to adopting contactless payment solutions.

Littlepay's foray into the Peruvian transit landscape signifies a transformative step forward in the realm of public transportation, underscoring the company's dedication to driving innovation and enhancing the commuter experience in Lima and beyond.

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