Knoxville launches contactless mobile ticketing solution with the Transit app

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Knoxville launches contactless mobile ticketing solution with the Transit app

New York, United States (Urban Transport News): Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) has recently introduced an innovative mobile ticketing system in partnership with the Transit app and powered by Masabi, a leading provider of Fare Payments-as-a-Service through its versatile platform Justride. This latest contactless mobile ticketing solution, utilizing Masabi’s Justride fare payment platform, empowers commuters to conveniently purchase KAT service tickets anytime and anywhere through the Transit app.

As of today, travelers utilizing KAT's network can enjoy a seamless all-in-one experience within the Transit app, which already serves as a popular choice for many KAT riders. This integration amalgamates mobile ticketing with trip planning, real-time vehicle tracking, and access to first and last-mile services like rideshare and bike hire throughout the city. Additionally, KAT passengers can avail themselves of the option to purchase mobile tickets using cash at Knoxville Station, ensuring a smooth transition for cash-paying customers into the new service.

Masabi has implemented cutting-edge validation units running its Justride Inspect software across the entire Knoxville Area Transit bus fleet. This technology allows passengers to effortlessly scan their phones upon boarding, instantly validating their passes and confirming the ticket's validity for use. By expediting boarding processes, this initiative aims to enhance service efficiency for commuters while providing the agency with valuable data insights, enabling informed decision-making and improved service delivery.

Isaac Thorne, Director of Transit for the City of Knoxville, expressed his enthusiasm about the expanded fare payment options, stating, "We are so pleased to expand our fare payment options in an integrated way by using Masabi’s advanced technology and Transit’s seamless integration and ease of use for our customers." Thorne emphasized that this collaboration with Masabi and Transit significantly enhances the convenience for riders, allowing them to plan their journeys, pay their fares, and validate their tickets, all within one user-friendly app.

Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi, highlighted the transformative impact of their partnership, remarking, "As we’ve witnessed across North America, the combination of Masabi and Transit app’s industry-leading expertise creates an efficient and convenient approach to transit ticketing by simplifying and enhancing the transit experience." Zanghi expressed his delight in collaborating with KAT, contributing to the expansion of forward-thinking cities adopting their technology to prioritize customer needs and build for the future.

David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit, emphasized their commitment to simplifying public transit, stating, "We want to make riding public transit as simple and stress-free as possible, and this solution helps do that." Block-Schachter noted that KAT passengers already rely on Transit for trip planning and real-time ride tracking, and the inclusion of transit fare purchasing capability provides a comprehensive solution within one app.

Knoxville Area Transit joins over 30 other agencies leveraging the partnership between Transit and Masabi to offer riders a best-in-class ticketing and app experience. This service is available to agencies of all sizes and can be implemented as a standalone app or in conjunction with existing mobile ticketing options.

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