Indian Railways to launch Amrit Bharat Express initially on five routes, know all about

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Indian Railways to launch Amrit Bharat Express initially on five routes, know all about

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): In a move set to redefine train travel in India, the Indian Railways is gearing up to introduce the Amrit Bharat Express, a super-fast service on five major routes. Following the success of the Vande Bharat and Namo Bharat trains, this new addition aims to cater to passengers in bustling sections, offering a unique blend of efficiency and affordability.

Key Routes

While the exact routes and destinations are yet to be finalized, the Indian Railways plans to debut the Amrit Bharat Express on five prominent routes in its initial phase:

  • Patna-New Delhi
  • Howrah-New Delhi
  • Hyderabad-New Delhi
  • Mumbai-New Delhi
  • Ernakulam-Guwahati

An Innovative Push-Pull Approach

A notable feature of the Amrit Bharat Express is the utilization of push-pull locomotives, a dynamic system employing two locomotives at both ends of the train. This design, controlled by a single driver, enhances speed, reduces station detention time, and improves overall turnaround time.

A Glimpse into the Amrit Bharat Express Configuration

Currently undergoing a trial run, the Amrit Bharat Express consists of 22 coaches. These coaches are meticulously designed to accommodate diverse passenger needs, featuring:

  • 12 Non-AC Sleeper Class Coaches
  • 8 General Unreserved Class Coaches
  • 2 Luggage Coaches

Cutting-Edge Amenities for Optimal Passenger Comfort

The coaches of the Amrit Bharat Express boast state-of-the-art amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Some notable features include:

  • A sealed gangway for secure transitions between coaches
  • CCTV cameras for enhanced security
  • Bio-vacuum toilets for improved hygiene
  • Sensor-based water taps for touch-free operation
  • A passenger information system for real-time updates
  • Electric outlets for charging devices
  • LED lights for energy efficiency
  • Modernly designed fans and switches for aesthetic appeal
  • A mobile charging point for every seat

Manufacturing Insights

The innovative push-pull locomotives are being manufactured at CLW, while the coaches are being produced at ICF Chennai. This collaborative effort ensures that both the driving force and passenger compartments are crafted with precision and efficiency.

Operational Strategy

The Amrit Bharat Express is strategically planned to operate as a day-night express service, catering to the demands of busy cities and providing flexible travel options for passengers.

Capacity and Accessibility

This 22-coach trainset is designed to accommodate approximately 1,800 passengers throughout its journey, ensuring that a substantial number of travelers can benefit from this advanced and efficient mode of transportation.


The impending launch of the Amrit Bharat Express by Indian Railways marks a significant stride in modernizing rail travel. With its innovative push-pull approach, cutting-edge amenities, and planned operational strategy, this super-fast service is poised to offer a seamless and enjoyable journey for passengers on some of the country's busiest routes.

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