Gulf Rail Project: Saudi-Kuwait Railway to be ready by 2028

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Gulf Rail Project: Saudi-Kuwait Railway to be ready by 2028

Riyad, Saudi Arabia (Urban Transport News): Exciting developments are underway as plans for the Gulf Railway Project, specifically the railway link between Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are set to materialize by 2028. According to reports from "Al-Anba Daily," the first phase of the study on this ambitious project will be completed within the next three months, as confirmed by sources from the Ministry of Public Works.

The initial phase focuses on determining the route, commencing from Kuwait's Al-Shaddadiya area and traversing through Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Procedures and approvals for this critical phase are nearing finalization. Subsequently, the project will move into the design phase, anticipated to take approximately one year, followed by the implementation and construction phase spanning three years. The project's culmination is expected by 2028.

The primary objective of the Gulf Rail Project is to establish a safe and efficient railway transportation system, facilitating seamless connectivity between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. This endeavor is poised to enhance trade exchange, stimulate economic growth, and ensure passenger and property safety.

Although Kuwait and Riyadh are currently well-connected by air and road, the introduction of a high-speed train service will significantly enrich transportation options, fostering opportunities to boost tourism and fortify economic ties between the two nations.

The distance between Kuwait and Riyadh is estimated to be approximately 650 kilometers, and studies indicate that the railway link project will reduce travel time by two hours, thereby enhancing efficiency and convenience for travelers.

With an estimated cost of US$250 billion, this ambitious rail project underscores the commitment of both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to advancing regional connectivity and infrastructure development. The financing of consulting services for conducting financial, economic, and technical feasibility studies will be equally shared between the two countries. Consulting fees will be collected upon approval of outputs for each stage, as confirmed by sources.

The Saudi Railway Company has enlisted the expertise of France-based transport and mobility specialist Systra to conduct a preliminary report on the project's feasibility. The feasibility study is projected to cost around $10.5 million.

This significant development aligns with Saudi Arabia's dedication to enhancing its transportation infrastructure and fostering greater connectivity, both domestically and with neighboring countries. The Riyadh to Kuwait City high-speed rail project holds immense potential to revolutionize regional travel and facilitate robust economic and cultural exchange between these influential Gulf states.

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