GCK and Keolis colloborate to Hydrogen-Powered Train trial in Paris

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GCK and Keolis colloborate to Hydrogen-Powered Train trial in Paris

Paris, France (Urban Transport News): In a strategic move towards sustainable transport solutions, GCK and Keolis have inked a partnership agreement to trial a coach equipped with an internal combustion engine converted to run on hydrogen. The announcement was made during the Hyvolution exhibition, where the two companies showcased their commitment to exploring innovative approaches to decarbonize transport.

The focal point of the partnership is the conversion of an IVECO Crossway "normal floor" coach, supplied by Keolis, to operate on hydrogen. GCK Mobility and Solution F, subsidiaries of the GCK group, are spearheading the technical development and conversion process. The Cursor 9 engine, originally diesel-powered, is being converted to hydrogen as part of this pioneering initiative.

The converted coach serves as a demonstrator, highlighting the technological and operational expertise of both GCK and Keolis. The trials are scheduled for the first quarter of 2025, presenting an opportunity to validate the prototype, assess its performance, and fine-tune its operational capabilities.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to explore and validate a hydrogen-powered solution that aligns with the goal of zero CO2 emissions in vehicles. GCK and Keolis envision offering this alternative solution to their respective clients, emphasizing its potential in decarbonizing mobility. The partnership also underscores the commitment to a circular economy by reusing 100% of the existing coach's equipment.

Vehicle trials are set to commence in early 2025, with plans for official approval following successful testing. Keolis, known for guiding clients through energy transition decisions, aims to provide its clients with an alternative solution for the energy transition.

Éric Boudot, Chairman of GCK, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, "This partnership with Keolis will enable us to test hydrogen-powered engine technology once again, supplementing the retrofit solutions that have already been a success for the group. A solution that corresponds to different types of use cases: greater power, more suitable for more demanding applications."

Pierre Gosset, Group Director, Industrial Division at Keolis, emphasized the forward-looking nature of the trial, stating, "With this trial, we are taking part in the development of a technology for the future. Keolis guides its clients through their energy transition and their decision-making so that they can benefit from the most suitable solution for their community."

The GCK and Keolis partnership heralds a significant step in advancing hydrogen-powered transportation. As the trials unfold, the collaborative efforts of these two industry leaders aim to shape the future of sustainable mobility, offering innovative solutions for a world transitioning towards greener and more environmentally conscious transportation alternatives.

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