Deutsche Bahn engages in talks for expansion of RRTS Commuter Systems across India

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Deutsche Bahn engages in talks for expansion of RRTS Commuter Systems across India

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Deutsche Bahn, a global rail transport company known for managing India's first regional rapid transit system (RRTS) in the National Capital Region, is currently in preliminary discussions with transport authorities from other major cities in India. These talks aim to explore the possibility of implementing similar RRTS commuter systems in these cities.

The RAPIDX project, also known as Namo Bharat, once completed, will span 82 kilometers and connect crucial urban centers in the National Capital Region to Delhi. Deutsche Bahn, through its DB E.C.O. Group, has expressed interest in expanding its operation and maintenance services within India based on the success of the RAPIDX project.

While specific details about the ongoing discussions are not disclosed, the talks primarily revolve around sharing experiences and insights related to the RAPIDX project. According to DB E.C.O. Group's Chief Executive, Niko Warbanoff, there is a notable level of interest from various regions in India regarding the development and progress of the RAPIDX project.

It's worth mentioning that a 17-kilometer priority stretch of the RRTS project was recently inaugurated for public use by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, featuring five stations in Sahibabad, Guldhar, Ghaziabad, Duhai, and Duhai Depot. Deutsche Bahn International Operations secured a contract last year to manage the operation and maintenance of the RRTS project for the next 12 years at a cost of Rs 1,493.08 crore. The company is set to operate 40 RRTS trains within the network.

Deutsche Bahn's interest in expanding similar projects to other cities in India indicates the potential for improved transportation and connectivity in the country's urban areas.

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