Chennai Metro will have different railway signalling system in Phase 2 project

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Chennai Metro will have different railway signalling system in Phase 2 project

Chennai, India (Urban Transport News): Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) is planning to adopt the latest railway singalling system in its Phase 2 metro trains. They will use the communications-based train control (CBTC) signalling system with UTO functions. Due to this, both phase 1 and phase 2 projects will function independently and trains running in one phase cannot be run on the other. Apart from this, phase I has four-coach trains, while phase II will have three and six-coach trains.

“Because the projects have different signalling systems, the trains operating in phase I cannot work in phase 2. It will have no impact on the passengers. Some stations like Alandur, St. Thomas Mount, Vadapalani, Thousand Lights and CMBT, which will be present in both projects, will not be in the same building and will be located very close to each other. So, if a commuter wants to switch between phase 1 and phase II, they have switch stations. We will make sure the switching is seamless,” said an official.

According to officials, the distance-to-go signalling system is being used in the Phase 1 project whereas the communications-based train control signalling system would be used in Phase 2. The decision was taken in line with Metro projects in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai as they were now opting to deploy the CBTC system.

Phase 1 of the Chennai Metro Rail project is fully operational, covering 45 km, while the phase 2 project, whose construction will start this year, will cover most of the areas in the city, totalling up to a distance of 118.9 km.

"Work on the phase 2 project is likely to start in another few months, and the first stretch will be operational in another five years if the deadlines are met," officials said.

For more details, please explore the Chennai Metro page of Urban Transport News.


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