Alstom introduces LEAP Program to enhance Last-Mile Connectivity in Bengaluru

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Alstom introduces LEAP Program to enhance Last-Mile Connectivity in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India (Urban Transport News): In a move to address the critical last-mile connectivity gap and promote sustainable urban mobility, Alstom, a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has launched the Low Emission Access to Public Transport (LEAP) program. Supported by WRI India and initiated under Alstom's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, LEAP focuses on enhancing last-mile connectivity, thereby encouraging more significant public transport usage. The program was inaugurated in Bengaluru, one of the world's most congested cities, where the metro service expansion has faced challenges due to poor last-mile connectivity.

Bridging the Last-Mile Gap

The pilot phase of the LEAP program will deploy a fleet of 12 electric autorickshaws at Yelachenahalli and Indiranagar stations, serving commuters within a 4-kilometer radius from each station. Managed by MetroRide, a startup mentored under Alstom's Sustainability Incubation Program, the all-women fleet aims to provide safe and sustainable last-mile services. MetroRide, an AI-powered EV ride-hailing solution, has trained 25 women drivers to operate these electric autorickshaws, promoting inclusivity in the urban mobility landscape.

Inauguration and Partnerships

The inauguration ceremony of the LEAP program saw the participation of key figures, including Olivier Loison, Managing Director, Alstom India; Srinivas Alavilli, Fellow, WRI India; Rajeev Gowda, Vice Chairman, State Institute for the Transformation of Karnataka; and Kalpana Kataria, Executive Director (Connectivity & Asset Management), Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited. Olivier Loison expressed the significance of Namma Metro in addressing Bengaluru's on-road challenges and highlighted LEAP as a noteworthy step toward encouraging public transport.

Addressing Commuter Challenges

Bengaluru, known for its traffic congestion and high private car ownership, faces a commuter challenge with poor last-mile connectivity to the metro. According to a recent WRI India survey, 70% of commuters find last-mile connectivity to the Bangalore Metro inadequate. Women, a minority among metro commuters, encounter additional challenges due to unsafe or inconvenient last-mile connections and underrepresentation in the male-dominated transport workforce. LEAP aims to tackle these issues by improving access for women and fostering inclusivity in the transport workforce.

Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

Srinivas Alavilli of WRI India emphasized the collaboration's commitment to data-driven decision-making in public transport. The joint efforts aim to provide commuters with a safe, low-cost, and low-emission mode of transport within the city. Beyond revolutionizing the daily commute, LEAP is dedicated to fostering sustainable livelihoods, particularly for women driver partners, contributing to a positive socio-economic shift.

WRI India's Role in LEAP's Success

WRI India plays a pivotal role in LEAP's success by conducting detailed commuter surveys, facilitating focus group discussions, and collaborating closely with MetroRide to design and test the program's operating model. The ongoing support from WRI India ensures a data-driven approach to evaluate the service's progress and overall effectiveness.

Alstom's Commitment to Sustainability

Alstom's commitment to sustainable mobility is evident through strategic investments, including the Sustainability Incubation Program with NRSCEL, IIM Bangalore’s incubation centre for startups. LEAP, introduced as a flagship program under the impact pillar, is expected to expand to other metro stations, contributing to increased metro ridership by providing connectivity to high-frequency hubs.

The launch of Alstom's LEAP program marks a significant milestone in addressing last-mile connectivity challenges in Bengaluru. By encouraging sustainable modes of transport and actively involving women in the transport workforce, LEAP aims to create a more inclusive and environmentally friendly urban mobility landscape. The collaboration with WRI India and the involvement of MetroRide showcase a holistic approach to tackling the complexities of urban transportation. As Bengaluru grapples with congestion, LEAP stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment to sustainable solutions.

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