Exclusive Interview with Ashok Menghani, Business Leader at Schneider Electric

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Exclusive Interview with Ashok Menghani, Business Leader at Schneider Electric

Ashok Menghani is a Business leader, an Entrepreneur, Firmly believes in Channels and Alliances, Services, Digital transformations and market share growth ensuring an accelerated and sustainable business. He is currently working with  Schneider Electric, Singapore and taking care of the Singapore market including MRT, Singapore.

At the outsets, please accept our heartiest congratulations on the completion of your 10 years journey in Schneider Electric. Kindly tell our readers about your professional journey in the industry.

Thanks for the greetings.

Schneider Electric is the most progressive company in Energy Management and Automation space. I found many amazing leaders, colleagues and subordinates throughout the journey.

Almost every year there were new product launches or upgradations. If I look back there is a full transformation, thanks to EcoStruxure platform of connected products, edge control, apps and analytics.

Tell us about your role and responsibilities in Schneider Electric and your long-term vision for the company?

This is something great in Schneider electric, one can move to new role and responsibility every 3rd year onwards.

I joined as in-charge for Universal Enclosures activity in the year 2011 and established the channel network, built up the winning team etc.

3 years later I shifted to the “Power Products” business unit taking care of the International business in Greater India, Greater Thailand and Greater Vietnam. The global experience and working with a cross-cultural team offered great learnings to me. This was the time I become an inclusive leader with International exposure.

In the year 2017, I was given the responsibility of Channel management and transformation in Singapore.

The experience and exposure helped me to do the daunting task successfully and I look forward to coming back to India as and when I get the chance.

India is the fastest growing economy and I wish to be part of the Indian transformation journey for next 8-10 years before I retire.

Make-in-India, Hi-speed railway network, Metro railways, Smart Cities mission are some of the key initiatives which will not only transform Indian infrastructure but also put India as the factory for the world.

In short the learnings from global exposure, I would like to re-utilized for the Indian growth saga.  

Please highlight some major contributions of the company in the railways and transportation sectors.

My Colleague Ashutosh Shukla, Director- Transportation & Mobility, is leading the Railway segment in India.  

I can say that Schneider electric is offering solutions to the challenges of metro rail in India very successfully.

We offer open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform that delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity.

Schneider Electric solution aids Metro Rail networks in different areas like power delivery, environmental control, communication and services.

Recently the company has launched EcoStruxure Rail in India. Kindly highlights some salient features of this innovation and how will it help the rail & metro sectors?

EcoStruxure Rail is an enterprise-level end-to-end digital solution for metro rail to create collaborative environments for a safe, energy-efficient, reliable and sustainable rail infrastructure operation. This solution is targeted towards providing real-time awareness breaking silos, resulting in safe, comfortable, on-time operations, and effective passenger services into the Indian market. The advanced IoT-enabled EcoStruxure TM platform will aid metro rails in four main areas: power delivery, environmental control, communication, and services. It also increases the resilience of the system in case of cybersecurity attacks by providing solutions to avoid and detect intrusions at all levels: control center, telecom system and field devices. It improves the smart management, electrical safety, and atmosphere of Metro stations, as well as the operation of their systems, with solutions for Traction, Signaling, Distribution Power and Construction Management.  

What are your takes on the metro rail, high-speed rail, RRTS, and urban transportation revolution in India?

Railways infrastructure has always been a lifeline for Indian socio-economics. Now we have the task to be the “Factory for the world” under the “make in India” mission.

Railways to provide economical, fast transportation till the sea-ports. Dedicated freight corridors are all set to do the job.

RRTS and Metro to ensure faster and convenient movement of the people to the workplaces.  

How are the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the overall business of Schneider Electric and what are the strategies being adopted to minimize its effect on the company's business?

Covid19 is the most difficult period for India and the world. My heart goes with the customers, friends, colleagues and family as some lost their nears and dears.

We have come up with solutions and support for the new normal. Our technology is helping many segments including railways to recover faster and reinstate operations.

Anything else you want to share with our readers.

I am very close to the Indian Railway.

In my father’s generation, almost everybody comes from Indian railways be it operations, commercial or signaling. My childhood was spent alongside railway tracks in railway quarters. My beloved father was Station Master when he retired. 

I would like to tell one and all to remain resilient. The tough phase will be over soon.

Reach out to us for the newer technological solution, be it your home office or Institutional site.

As the tag line of Schneider Electric is  “Life is On” and we ensure that life is on at all times.

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