Transporting a Truck Long-Distance - What Are Your Options?

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Transporting a Truck Long-Distance - What Are Your Options?

Transporting a truck across the country long-distance isn’t likely something you deal with on an everyday basis. Although it may seem cut and dry that you’re going to have to drive it yourself, that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, that may not even be the best way to ship your truck across a long distance. Here we’ll take a look at some basic options that you can look into, allowing you to decide what’s best for your schedule, your budget, the truck itself, and your timeline.

Drive the Truck Yourself

As mentioned, the most obvious option is for you to drive the truck yourself. While this will likely be your cheapest option, there are factors to consider. You first need to be aware of the time it’s going to take to drive the truck long-distance. That may require you to take time off work, which means in reality it does cost you money. Plus, there are the fuel costs involved in the drive and the wear and tear that will be put on the vehicle. All in all, this may not be the cheapest and best solution.

If you don’t plan on staying where the truck is being transported, there’s also the question of how you will be getting back home.

Have a Friend Drive It for You

Now, maybe you have a good friend that has offered to drive the truck for you. This can seem like a great offer on the surface, but many of the same issues will exist. There will still be wear and tear on the vehicle, as well as the cost of fuel and likely meals and accommodations for your friend along the way (if an overnight stay is necessary).

Of course, the biggest thing to worry about is insurance. You’re insured on your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean your friend is. You would need to speak to your insurance company to see what sort of coverage there would be.

Transport Your Truck with a Professional Company

Then there is the option of having an outside company transport your truck. What this means is that all that responsibility and the time commitment are taken off your shoulders. You will need to pay for this service obviously, but even with you driving your own vehicle, it wouldn’t have been free to make a long-distance drive.

Another great aspect of these companies is that your vehicle is placed on a shipping transport truck, which means no wear and tear will incur. This is a huge benefit right there, as it can save you a lot of mileage. You also know your vehicle will be safe and sound, as it won’t technically be on the road. These services will often pick up your vehicle right at your own home, and then drop it off wherever you choose. You can check out companies like Nationwide Auto Transport for these types of services.

If you are looking for shipping oversized vehicles, then you can contact ShipVehicles. 

As you try to figure out the best way to transport your truck long-distance, it’s important to note you do have options - it’s just a matter of weighing them all.

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