Today's Smart city transportation in interconnected world

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Today's Smart city transportation in interconnected world

New Delhi: The Asia Pacific is leading advance the world’s smart city. In this evolution, they are investing to build a better place for their people to live and work. An astonishing US$63.4 billion has been decided for investment in smart city technology. Traffic jams continue to plague the land tight city every day. The growing country like India, there is a need to think "smart" to control the impact of the swells in population and lots of car ownership, these resulting transportation infrastructure bottlenecks. India needs to involve the latest "infrastructure" developments such as roads and rail lines and with connectivity to the latest digital solutions and innovations.

Many cities are doing today for smart transportation system like as traffic lights typically are timed and historical data used the setting for programmed traffic light system in the day versus night. At present India with smart transportation using smart flow systems. The smart flow systems can assess traffic flows in real time. Some of the things are like capturing videos and sensor, this video can be used for emergency cases. All data movements require connectivity to support seamless, real-time data transfer and responses.

Sometimes respective parties need to be interconnected; they use transportation departments need direct access to IP camera and app service providers to deliver latest. One of the recent examples can be taken from Singapore that the ride-hailing industry is constantly innovating in Singapore. The entry of MVL (Mass Vehicle Ledger), this is a ride-hailing application that promises to build an incentive-based block-chain mobility ecosystem in Singapore. Leveraging block-chain technology MVL aims to move away from a centralized system.

Road infrastructure requires interconnection with ride-hailing apps are also leveraging Equinox’s platform to transmit, it has process and analyses data to ensure the delivery of high-quality customer experience with low latency, and high performance and security. Hong Kong has made four key strategies for smart transportation it’s known as part of the city: intelligent transport system and traffic management; include with public transport interchanges, bus stops and parking, environmentally friendly transport, and smart airport initiatives. Smart transportation is serving in many countries.

All systems involving transportation are interconnected with each other. After reach our utopia, where car drivers, transport passengers and walking or cycling citizens are all communicating with, data-sharing with, and benefiting from, the amalgam of analyses i.e. this is the future destination and interconnection.

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