Maximizing Transportation efficiency with a Digital Freight Brokerage

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Maximizing Transportation efficiency with a Digital Freight Brokerage

Shippers have new opportunities to maximize efficiency, save money, and ensure their freight arrives on time without managing the process themselves. The top digital freight brokerages have the technology and relationships to take a supplier's supply chain to the next level, allowing the shipper to focus on operational effectiveness with a lean approach.

Shippers can hand off the tedious tasks to be managed and know they will benefit from supply chain experts.

What is a Digital Freight Brokerage?

A digital freight brokerage connects shippers and carriers, matching loads with the available trucks. Technology like web-based and mobile platforms are utilized to streamline and automate component tasks of freight transportation.

Digital freight brokers give shippers an easy and accessible way to find freight carriers and a wide range of available loads. The platforms typically offer comprehensive features like load booking, real-time freight visibility, digital documentation, and data analytics. Shippers realize efficient and transparent logistics by leveraging technology and data-driven solutions.

Their digital freight brokerages optimize industry efficiency and enhance the overall shipping experience.

Advanced digital platforms provide predictability through reliable capacity, touchless load booking, real-time visibility, actionable data, and shipper support. They reduce expensive deadhead miles and keep costs low.

For Today’s Shippers, A Digital Freight Brokerage Offers Key Benefits

Using a digital freight brokerage offers shippers key benefits they might not otherwise realize on their own. They take vital functions off the hands of shippers, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks while knowing things are handled better than they could be in-house.

The ability to instantly find capacity that might not be found through time-consuming phone calls and immediately book the load are tremendous benefits for shippers that save them time and money. The knowledge now that a shipment is contracted to move allows shippers to move on to the next load.

Once the freight is moving, shippers gain access to real-time visibility, actionable data insights, and a dedicated support staff. Visibility and analytics wouldn’t be available to shippers without costly internal software development or APIs. Complexity is distilled down simply by using the right broker that provides 24/7 support and a robust digital platform.

Capacity On-Demand

With an ongoing and historic shortage of drivers, a digital brokerage ensures that shippers have reliable and elastic capacity access.

The American Trucking Association says the industry needs to recruit 1.2 million new drivers over the coming decade just to replace those retiring. Additionally, the current driver shortage is 78,000 drivers. Finding capacity has never been more challenging.

Integrated Visibility

It’s not enough to ship a high-stakes shipment and wait for it to arrive. Visibility is a crucial component of freight management and customer communications.

A digital broker provides real-time visibility to shippers, allowing them to communicate ETAs with customers while knowing exceptions are managed for them.

Actionable Data Insights

The streamlined interface provided by digital brokerages provides shippers with ongoing actionable insights that allow them to take a proactive stance and optimize their performance.

Knowing how the supply chain has performed in the past empowers them to reduce wait times at critical milestones. They know what has caused demurrage fees and reduce them. It is possible to utilize scorecards to optimize driver performance and efficiency.

Instead of flying blind, they have a window into past supply chain performance that guides them in the future and helps them foster supply chain resilience.

A Digital Brokerage Takes Shippers’ Operations To the Next Level

Using a digital brokerage gives shippers full access to the digital supply chain while knowing their freight shipments are handled. They save money, realize greater efficiencies, and see tremendously more on-time deliveries that delight their customers.

Capacity is at a shipper’s fingertips during a time of tremendous driver shortages. A digital broker's total visibility and data analytics allow shippers to plan for future supply chain events proactively.

A digital broker empowers shippers and provides opportunities to worry less about their freight, freeing them to streamline other operations. Essentially, a digital broker gives shippers supply chain resilience.

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