Guide to Preventing Drowsiness While Driving an 18-wheeler Truck

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Guide to Preventing Drowsiness While Driving an 18-wheeler Truck 18-Wheel Truck (Image Credit: Respective Owner)

Data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) shows that fatigued and drowsy drivers cause a significant percentage of accidents involving large trucks. The bodies of such drivers are unable to react fast enough, especially during emergencies. You can prevent drowsiness while driving an 18-wheeler truck and avoid unnecessary accidents by doing a few simple but important things, as provided by knowledgeable Dallas truck accident lawyers.

Get adequate sleep

The alertness of your body is significantly affected by the amount of sleep you get in a day. Failing to sleep for more than 8 hours every day will significantly reduce your body's alertness. You might not feel drowsy while starting your journey, but after driving for several hours, some organs of your body, including the brain and eyes, will start to slow down. In places such as Dallas, you can get more insight from a good Dallas truck accident lawyer on your rights to get enough time to sleep while driving a truck.

Have a uniform eating schedule

Drowsiness is caused by failing to eat at the right time, especially when you skip some meals. Your body will not have the necessary source of energy since your stomach is empty. Eating before the right mealtime will also interrupt your body's regular performance, which can easily result in an accident. It is advisable to stop your truck and eat at the scheduled time to avoid interrupting your eating schedule.

Do not take medicines that can cause drowsiness while driving

Some medications have drowsiness as one of their side effects, and such medications can impair your driving abilities. If your doctor has prescribed medication that can cause drowsiness, you should take a time-out from driving until you have completed the dose. Driving while using such medication will put you and other drivers on the road in danger of accidents that you can readily avoid.

Avoid using stimulants

Some drivers use stimulants to help them stay alert, especially while driving for long hours. These stimulants interfere with the natural performance of the body since they force the brain to stay alert. When you do not use the stimulants you usually use, your body and brain will fail to stay alert, resulting in drowsiness.

Ensure the 18-wheeler truck is in good condition

A truck with mechanical issues can easily frustrate your driving efforts, which can easily result in drowsiness. A good example is a truck that takes relatively longer to climb a steep section of the road because it has some mechanical problems. You should ensure the truck you are driving has been properly checked before you can start any journey to avoid the frustrations that come with driving a faulty vehicle. If your truck develops mechanical issues while on the road, stop and get it fixed.

Therefore, you can effectively avoid drowsiness while driving an 18-wheeler truck by following the outlined simple but effective tips. If the trucking company you work for does not allow you to follow the guidelines that can help you reduce drowsiness, you have the right to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer to know what your legal rights are. The lawyer will enlighten you on the provisions of the law which are meant to protect truck drivers.

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