Zero emission based public transport system is very important for the country

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Zero emission based public transport system is very important for the country

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): Ecology and environment are the highest priority of the Government of India and the Government is considering many options to curb pollution and accordingly is working on various projects on a war footing”, said Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari. He was speaking at 11th Biennial International Conference on Ports, Shipping and Logistics held in Mumbai on 13th April 2023.

The Public transport system is very important for the country. The Minister expressed the view that about 40% of the total air pollution in the country is due to road traffic and it is necessary to promote public transport in the country. He said that the government is implementing various measures to promote public transport. He mentioned that the double decker bus started in Mumbai and the bus service being started in Bangalore are examples of these measures. The approval given to 260 rope ways and cable cars was also a part of this effort and road projects worth around Rs. 65 thousand crore are also underway in and around Delhi. After this work is completed, it will help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the region, he said.

Apart from this, Gadkari said that the central government is also trying to build electric highways i.e. e highways. The Minister informed that electric buses, electric cars, electric scooters are now operational but along with that we are starting to use vehicles with flex engines. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari reiterated that hydrogen is the fuel of the future. Stating that there is no problem in running buses and trucks using methanol as fuel in Mumbai, the Minister said it would save costs and reduce pollution. On the occasion, the Union Minister expressed the belief that due to the Central Government’s efforts, the problem of pollution will be solved  to a large extent in the next five years.

Expressing regret over the delay in the Mumbai Goa highway project, he said that several factors such as problems related to contractors as well as difficulties in land acquisition were responsible for the delay. But all these problems have been resolved and about 73 percent of the project has been completed, he said. He also expressed confidence that the work of Mumbai Goa highway will be completed within the stipulated time.

The work of 36 green highway projects has been started on behalf of the central government and the government is paying more than the market value as compensation for land acquired for these projects. Therefore, land acquisition is no longer a problem in the construction of these roads, Gadkari also said on this occasion. We are working to reduce logistics cost to 9% which is current 14-16 per cent by 2024. Better roads and lower logistic costs will help in enhancement of trade business and industry, he said.

On this occasion, Minister informed that 5-6 logistics parks will be set up in Maharashtra on behalf of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. He informed that the work of construction of dry ports at Jalna and Wardha in the state has been completed and now the work of construction of similar dry ports in Nashik and Pune is being undertaken.

Speaking about logistic parks in the country, he said that with the help of newly developed infrastructure, we will able to reduce Agarbatti imports from China and instead use the indigenously developed sticks from the Assam.

Shri. Gadkari expressed the opinion that if we can start water transport between Mumbai and Goa, the entire picture of transport in this region will change. The Union Minister opined that water transport is very cost-effective as compared to road and rail transport, and if we start using alternative fuels, the cost of this transport will be further reduced.

The entire picture of transport can change if we are able to establish water transport between Mumbai and Goa. Water transport is extremely cost-effective when compared to road and rail transport and the costs can be brought down further if we are able to use alternative fuels, he said.

While speaking about road accidents, the Union Minister said, the Government is looking into road engineering to reduce accidents and damage caused by them. The Minister appealed to people to follow road safety norms and requested organizations and NGOs to support the Government in the cause.

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