Stadler Rail bags $127mn order to supply Hydrogen-Powered Trains to California

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Stadler Rail bags $127mn order to supply Hydrogen-Powered Trains to California

California, United States (Urban Transport News): In a groundbreaking move, California continues to pave the way for sustainable transportation by announcing a $127 million agreement with Stadler Rail, Inc. This deal marks the procurement of six additional zero-emission, hydrogen-powered passenger trainsets, reinforcing the state's commitment to being a global leader in clean transportation. This development expands California's fleet of hydrogen-powered trains to a total of 10, setting a new standard for eco-friendly intercity travel.

The $127 million agreement builds upon a prior order, where Stadler Rail delivered the first four hydrogen-powered intercity trainsets in North America. The continued collaboration with Stadler Rail aligns with California's strategy to enhance its zero-emission passenger rail capabilities, contributing to the state's resilience against climate change impacts. The new trainsets, designed for efficiency, reduced weight, and affordability, are anticipated to commence revenue service by 2027.

This forward-looking initiative is made possible through Governor Gavin Newsom's historic $10 billion, multiyear zero-emission vehicle package. Within this package, $407 million is allocated to the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) to acquire cutting-edge clean bus and rail equipment along with essential infrastructure. The ambitious endeavor aims not only to transform transportation but also to position California as a beacon of sustainability.

The initial deployment of these hydrogen-powered trains is slated for the future Valley Rail service, connecting Merced and Sacramento. This service expansion integrates seamlessly with the existing Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) and Amtrak San Joaquins services, with plans to link with California's high-speed rail service. Furthermore, the trainsets will undergo demonstrations on corridors statewide, in collaboration with intercity and regional rail partners.

With this recent order, 19 additional option trainsets remain on the base contract signed with Stadler in October 2023, illustrating the state's commitment to a sustainable and efficient transportation future.

California Transportation Secretary, Toks Omishakin, emphasized, "California continues to lead the way to a cleaner, more connected transportation system. By expanding our fleet of hydrogen-powered passenger trainsets, we are showing we are serious about deploying innovative and sustainable transportation options for the people of this state."

Tony Tavares, Caltrans Director, echoed the sentiment, stating, "These clean-energy trains are the future. California is building a climate-resilient transportation system that will help every community move around the state safely and sustainably."

Martin Ritter, Stadler Rail's Chief Executive Officer, expressed pride in providing additional hydrogen trains to CalSTA and Caltrans. He emphasized the joint effort in driving the decarbonization of rail transportation in the U.S. and expressed gratitude for the trust placed in Stadler, anticipating a deepening partnership.

This expansion aligns with California's commitment to becoming a hydrogen hub, evident in the state's receipt of up to $1.2 billion from the U.S. Department of Energy. This substantial investment aims to accelerate the development and deployment of clean renewable hydrogen, underlining California's dedication to reducing pollution and fostering a robust clean energy economy.

As the state surges forward in its pursuit of clean and efficient transportation, the expansion of the hydrogen-powered passenger rail fleet signifies a transformative step toward a greener future.

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