ST Engineering bags contract for Platform Screen Door Solution for Canada’s Ontario Line

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ST Engineering bags contract for Platform Screen Door Solution for Canada’s Ontario Line (Representative Image)

Ontario, Canada (Urban Transport News): Singapore-based ST Engineering has successfully secured a lucrative contract to supply its AGIL Platform Screen Door (PSD) solution for the entirety of the new Ontario Line in Toronto, Canada. The project involves the implementation of 360 sets of full-height PSDs across all 15 stations along the 15.6-kilometer rapid transit line. With stations encompassing diverse landscapes, including tunnels, elevated structures, and above-ground segments, the complexity of the project speaks to ST Engineering's expertise in managing diverse terrains.

The contract, which is set to commence in late 2023, highlights ST Engineering's expanding presence in the global market, solidifying its position as a leading provider of Smart Mobility solutions. The company boasts an impressive portfolio, having successfully executed over 200 rail projects across more than 50 cities worldwide.

President of Urban Solutions at ST Engineering, Chew Men Leong, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This win signifies a significant step forward in our strategic growth initiatives in Canada. It underlines our commitment to global leadership in Smart Mobility solutions, underscoring our commitment to offering cutting-edge digital rail solutions and unmatched domain expertise to our clients. We are optimistic that this venture will pave the way for further prospects in both Canada and the U.S., and we eagerly anticipate contributing to the transformative Ontario transit project."

Engineered to meet Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) standards for all safety-critical functions, the AGIL PSD solution is specifically designed to endure challenging weather conditions, including extreme cold, icy weather, and heavy snowfall. Serving as essential safety barriers, these PSDs play a crucial role in enhancing commuter safety and minimizing train delays caused by unauthorized track intrusions or debris on the tracks.

The Ontario Line represents a key transit initiative for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, fostering improved connectivity for commuters between Eglinton Avenue and Don Mills Road to Exhibition Place. The line is poised to seamlessly integrate with Toronto's broader transit network, encompassing various railway lines, streetcar and bus routes, and is projected to accommodate a daily ridership of approximately 388,000 passengers upon its completion.

In a time where efficient and secure transportation systems are paramount, ST Engineering's engagement in the Ontario Line project serves as a testament to the company's dedication to pioneering innovative solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and convenience for commuters.

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