RTI reveals big irregularities in Delhi Metro's Recruitment Drive

DMRC recruited lots of candidates through personal e-mails and invitations
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RTI reveals big irregularities in Delhi Metro's Recruitment Drive

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): An RTI application filed by Sohan Singh resident of Dabarvas village of Rajasthan has revealed lots of irregularities done by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in its recruitment drive since 2016. DMRC has recruited lots of candidates who are near and dear to their officers through personal invitations and e-mails without following due recruitment procedures, said RTI applicant.

In reference to latest the decision of the Central Information Commission (CIC) on the Appeal of Sohan Singh, DMRC has uploaded a list of selected candidates for the post of Maintainers on their website which was kept secret earlier. After reviewing the list, it has been found that DMRC has recruited excess candidates than the vacancy notified in 2016. All the candidates who were recruited over the vacancy were called through personal e-mails and invitations by the senior officials of DMRC.

In his RTI application, Sohan Singh had challenged the recruitment process of Delhi Metro, but DMRC did not give a reply to the applicant despite the first appeal filed, and finally, the applicant knocked on the door of CIC to hear his matter. CIC hear his second appeal on 27th April 2020 through video conferencing and found DMRC guilty and directed them to upload the full list of candidates recruited by DMRC after 2016. DMRC uploaded the list of selected candidates for the post of Maintainer Electrician on its website on the RTI page. A few days later, Dehli Metro also uploaded the list of all posts.

After all the list uploads, there has been a big disclosure in the 2016 recruitments that the DMRC has uploaded the list of selected candidates for almost double the posts in all posts on the website, DMRC kept the information secret of all the candidates selected on the increased seats to date. Everyone was called only by sending a personal mail message and had not made public the name of anyone.

Wrong answers were given on RTI asking for the list that the list is available on the website but the list was not available even on the site which is now made public after the direction of CIC.

DMRC had issued a notification in the year 2016 in which some posts including maintainers - 1393, CRA - 1100, SC / TO - 662, Junior Engineer 205 of all trades were issued. For which DMRC had taken the exam in December 2016 and February 2017. Here is the actual picture of irregularities made by DMRC in its recruitment process which can also be termed as big corruption in the recruitment process.

Post Name Vacancy Notified Recruitment Made Excess Candidates
Maintainers 1393 2192 799
CRA 1100 1354 254
SC/TO 662 1149 487
Junior Engineer 205 387 182


"All the lists have now been made public after 4 years after the decision of CIC, in which there has been a big disclosure, without any other notification, recruitment has been almost doubled and the details of the selected candidates on the increased seats were kept secret till now. For this, the DMRC could issue a fresh release, which would also give the opportunity to the candidates who work hard day and night in the condition of poverty and DMRC would also get good candidates. There is a big possibility of some kind of corruption in this recruitment process," said Sohan Singh, the RTI applicant.

On the other hand, in the 2019 release, there is a lot of anger and resentment among the candidates due to the cut in the posts, for which the Rajasthan Technical Unemployed Association has also written a letter to the Delhi Metro Management and the Central Government on 22nd September 2020.

"After being cut and selected in the result released in April 2020, a lot of candidates got out in the result of the reductions made by cutting posts, in which many candidates were selected after preparing in the condition of very poor and now also have an overdue. As a result, the candidates have also decided to resort to the court. There are many allegations of corruption in the recruitments of Delhi Metro. This is also a fraud with the candidates,' said the leader of RTUA.

Now the anger candidates have decided to knock on the door of Delhi High Court against the corruption done in Delhi Metro Recruitment process.

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