PSP Projects bags ₹631 crore order for construction of India's first Transport University

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PSP Projects bags ₹631 crore order for construction of India's first Transport University

Vadodara, India (Urban Transport News): In a major development, PSP Projects Limited, a leading construction company, has successfully secured a prestigious ₹630.90 Crore construction order in Gujarat. The project entails the development of Gati Shakti Vishwavidhyalaya in Vadodara for Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL). The timeline for completion is set at an ambitious 30 months.

Gati Shakti Vishwavidhyalaya (GSV), formerly known as the National Rail and Transportation Institute, stands as a central university situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Recognized as India's pioneering transport university, GSV operates from the campus of the National Academy of Indian Railways.

The inception of Gati Shakti Vishwavidhyalaya traces back to 2017 when the Cabinet of India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, greenlit the establishment of the country's first university exclusively dedicated to transport-related education, multidisciplinary research, and training. Originally established in 2018 as a Deemed-to-be University under the de Novo category, GSV underwent a significant transformation in 2022.

The Central Universities (Amendment) Act, 2022, facilitated its conversion into a central university, marking a pivotal moment in its evolution. Simultaneously, it was bestowed with the name Gati Shakti Vishwavidhyalaya, reflecting its commitment to propelling advancements in the field of transportation.

PSP Projects Limited's acquisition of the ₹630.90 Cr construction order signifies a substantial step towards realizing the Gati Shakti Vishwavidhyalaya project. The construction company, known for its expertise and commitment to excellence, is poised to play a pivotal role in the timely and efficient completion of this significant educational institution.

As the construction gears up, the Gati Shakti Vishwavidhyalaya aims to emerge as a hub for cutting-edge research, comprehensive education, and advanced training in the realm of transportation. The university's evolution from a deemed-to-be university to a central university reflects a national commitment to fostering excellence in transport-related disciplines.

With PSP Projects Limited at the helm of construction, the Gati Shakti Vishwavidhyalaya project is poised to redefine the landscape of transport education in India. As the construction progresses, the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an institution focused on multidisciplinary research and training in transportation takes a concrete form, promising a brighter future for students and professionals in this crucial field.

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