Orléans launches new open payment ticketing system for public transport

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Orléans launches new open payment ticketing system for public transport

Orleans, France (Urban Transport News): Orléans Métropole has introduced a new open payment ticketing system for public transport in collaboration with Kuba and La Banque Postale. This system allows passengers to use their bank cards, smartphones, or connected watches to pay for their journeys on buses and trams in the city of Orléans.

Romain Roy, Vice President of Mobility and Transport at Orléans Métropole, stated that open payment simplifies the process for both regular transport users and visitors, encouraging increased use of public transport.

The open payment-compatible validation terminals, integrated with new ticketing software, have been installed on all vehicles to offer passengers a quick and streamlined journey experience.

This month, the solution will be put into service, enabling passengers to tap their bank cards or mobile devices on the Kuba validators to pay for their trips seamlessly. Fares will be automatically adjusted based on the route taken by the passenger.

Kuba, chosen through a competitive tender process, has been entrusted with deploying the open payment system on the TAO network in Orléans. Tarik Dinane, a representative of Kuba, expressed pride in being selected for this innovative project and emphasized the smooth implementation of the installation.

La Banque Postale, through its subsidiary eZyness, facilitates payment by bank card for single tickets and subscriptions using open payment technology. Acting as Kuba's ticketing partner, La Banque Postale collaborates with payment service provider Littlepay to acquire and distribute multi-channel collection flows.

This payment solution, based on NFC contactless technology, offers users convenience and simplicity. Invoicing occurs afterward, with the most advantageous fare applied based on the combination of journeys taken.

La Banque Postale, with its expertise in open payment solutions, supports Orléans Métropole in its integrated mobility project, contributing to the city's ecological transition by promoting the use of public transport with user-friendly electronic payment solutions.

Kuba successfully met the challenges of implementing open payment within a tight deadline and ensuring temporary coexistence with the existing ticketing platform during the transition phase.

For Orléans Métropole, offering a variety of payment methods during the transition to open payment is crucial, as bank cards and mobile phones become increasingly popular means of payment for trips.

Tarik Dinane emphasized the intuitive nature of the contactless payment process, making it easy for passengers to pay for their journeys with peace of mind.

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