Moscow to start construction of a 20-km new Metro line

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Moscow to start construction of a 20-km new Metro line

Moscow, Russia (Urban Transport News): The Moscow Metro will launch construction of a new line in mid-May, reports Moscow Government.

"In fact, the works on the line started during the construction of the junction at the Narodnoye Opolchenie station of the Big Circle Line. Now we are preparing the tunnel-boring complex, and in mid-May, we plan to start construction of the tunnel," said Andrey Bochkaryov, Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning and Construction.

The Rublyovo-Arkhangelskaya line will run north-west of Moscow and is expected to serve districts of Mitino, Strogino and Mnyovniki.  For residents of the districts, the travel time is expected to reduce 1.5 times.  The nearly 20-km long line will have 8 stations: Presnya, Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya, Bulvar Generala Karbysheva, Zhivopisnaya, Strogino, Troitse-Lykovo, Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoe and Ilyinskaya.

The line will be constructed in two stages. The first stage is 12.6 km long and includes a section from Shelepikha station (Big Circle Line) to Lipovaya Roshcha station. The second stage will continue the section from Lipovaya Roshcha and will have two stations: Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoe and Ilyinskaya.

The new line will improve transport availability of the north-west of Moscow, create additional transfers with Line 3 (Strogino station) and the Big Circle Line (Narodnoye Opolchenie station), reduce crowdedness on Line 3 and roads and improve the economy of the district.

In the long term, the line may be connected with Biryulovskaya line in the centre of the city. Thus, Moscow will have a new diameter line that covers additional districts of the city without running within the Circle Line of the Metro.


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