Moscow Opens New Center for Electric Transport and Driverless Technologies

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Moscow Opens New Center for Electric Transport and Driverless Technologies

Moscow, Russia (Urban Transport News): On May 23, Moscow took a significant leap towards cementing its status as a technological leader by inaugurating the Center for Electric Transport and Driverless Technologies. This cutting-edge facility aims to foster innovation by bringing together developers of advanced transport solutions under one roof, providing them with the resources and environment needed to create and implement groundbreaking projects.

A Hub of Innovation in the Kuntsevo District

Located in the Kuntsevo district, the new Center spans an impressive 8,800 square meters and offers more than 400 jobs. The facility is designed to support various innovative initiatives and houses several key subdivisions of Moscow Transport. These include the country's first ticketing systems laboratory, along with offices dedicated to the development of electric and driverless transport. Additionally, the Center accommodates teams specializing in system integration, technical support, and digital service development. A significant portion of the workforce comprises current students and recent graduates from Moscow's leading universities, fostering a vibrant and youthful atmosphere of innovation.

Unveiling Groundbreaking Transport Solutions

With the opening of the Center, Moscow announced the launch of several pioneering projects that highlight the city's commitment to innovation in public transportation:

  • Driverless Tram Testing:  Moscow has started testing Russia's first driverless tram on city streets. This autonomous technology is owned by the Moscow Government and represents a significant step forward in urban transport.

  • Virtual Troika Card:  Passengers can now use the Virtual Troika card to pay fares via any smartphone, eliminating the need for physical plastic cards. This digital advancement is expected to save the city approximately 2.5 billion rubles annually by reducing the production of printed tickets and receipts.

  • Remote Troika Card Top-Up:  The new system allows passengers to activate their Troika cards at metro and MCC turnstiles without needing to tap on yellow terminals, streamlining the fare payment process.

  • Biometric Fare Payment:  The first phase of a biometric fare payment system has been introduced on the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD), enabling users to pay fares using facial recognition technology.

A Visionary Initiative by Mayor Sergey Sobyanin

Mayor Sergey Sobyanin inaugurated the Center for Electric Transport and Driverless Technologies, emphasizing its role in maintaining Moscow's position as a technological leader both in Russia and globally. According to Deputy Mayor for Transport Maksim Liksutov, the Center is expected to create optimal conditions for launching the most advanced projects of the Moscow Government. He envisions the facility as the birthplace of numerous innovative solutions that will shape Moscow's transport system for decades.

A New Landmark for the Kuntsevo District

The newly opened Center has quickly become a highlight of the Kuntsevo district, attracting residents and technology enthusiasts alike. It is set to host speakers with extensive experience in science, technology, and information fields, offering lectures and seminars open to the public upon registration. This initiative not only promotes knowledge sharing but also engages the community in the city's technological advancements.

Moscow's Global Leadership in Transport Innovation

According to Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow's transport system is recognized as a global leader in innovation. The city boasts some of the world's best suburban trains, metro trains, trams, electric buses, and even river trams. The Center for Electric Transport and Driverless Technologies is a testament to Moscow's commitment to remaining at the forefront of urban mobility.

Shaping the Future of Urban Transport

The opening of the Center for Electric Transport and Driverless Technologies marks a significant milestone in Moscow's journey towards becoming a global leader in transport innovation. By providing a collaborative space for young professionals and fostering the development of

cutting-edge technologies, the city is poised to launch numerous advanced projects that will revolutionize urban mobility. This initiative not only highlights Moscow's commitment to technological progress but also sets a benchmark for other cities aiming to enhance their public transportation systems.

The various innovative solutions announced alongside the Center's inauguration, such as the driverless tram, Virtual Troika card, remote top-up system, and biometric fare payments, underscore Moscow's proactive approach to integrating technology into everyday life. These advancements are set to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and provide a more seamless experience for passengers.

A Commitment to Excellence

Moscow's new Center is more than just a physical space; it symbolizes the city's dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in public transport. By investing in cutting-edge infrastructure and fostering an environment where innovation can thrive, Moscow is not only addressing the current needs of its citizens but also preparing for the future.

Engaging the Community

One of the standout features of the Center is its commitment to community engagement. By hosting lectures and seminars from experts in various fields, the Center opens up opportunities for residents to learn, engage, and contribute to the city's technological advancements. This approach ensures that the benefits of innovation are shared widely, fostering a community that is both informed and involved in the city's progress.

Looking Ahead

As Moscow continues to develop and implement new technologies, the Center for Electric Transport and Driverless Technologies will play a crucial role in shaping the future of urban transport. The initiatives launched here will enhance the city's public transportation system and serve as a model for other cities worldwide.

Moscow's commitment to innovation and excellence is clear. With the opening of this new Center, the city is well on its way to achieving its vision of a modern, efficient, and technologically advanced transport system that meets the needs of its residents today and in the future.

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