Chalo expands Fleet by 44 percent to meet soaring demand in Mumbai

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Chalo expands Fleet by 44 percent to meet soaring demand in Mumbai

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): Chalo, the operator of the luxury AC BEST Chalo Bus service, has announced a significant expansion to meet the rising demand of Mumbai's commuters. Over the past three months, Chalo has seen a remarkable 50% increase in ridership, bringing the average daily ridership to 10,000 on weekdays. To accommodate this surge, Chalo is expanding its fleet by 44%, incorporating new electric luxury AC buses. This expansion will boost the total network size to 144 buses, allowing for more frequent trips on popular routes such as Belapur-Colaba (via MTHL-Atal Setu), Thane-Andheri, Thane-BKC, and Navi Mumbai-BKC. Commuters can expect an increase in daily trips ranging from 15% to 40% on these routes.

The Belapur-Colaba (via MTHL) route, connecting Navi Mumbai to Colaba via the new MTHL-Atal Setu and Eastern Freeway, has experienced tremendous popularity. To cater to this high demand, Chalo has increased the number of trips on this route by 50%. The fleet expansion will also allow Chalo to explore new all-day and weekend routes, broadening its service reach across Mumbai and catering to a wider audience.

Chalo’s monthly travel plans have gained popularity among commuters for their convenience and flexibility. These plans range from 10 trips to 45 trips, with the 45-trip plan being the most favored, followed by the 25-trip plan. Additionally, Chalo has introduced route-specific passes in response to public demand, which have been well-received by passengers.

"We are thrilled to witness the growing demand for Chalo Bus in Mumbai," says Mohit Dubey, CEO of Chalo. "With the introduction of new travel plans and fleet expansion, Chalo will be adding new all-day and weekend routes as well, providing a seamless and affordable public transport experience across Mumbai."

Chalo is India’s leading bus transport technology company, founded with the mission to improve travel for everyone. Currently, Chalo operates in 61 cities across India and other countries. The Chalo App is India’s top live bus tracking app, boasting over 60 million app sessions each month. The Chalo Card is the nation’s leading bus travel card.

Launched in Mumbai in 2022, the Chalo Bus service is set to operate 100 electric luxury AC buses and 44 BS6 low-emission luxury AC buses following the fleet expansion. Passengers are assured of dedicated reclining seats with personal AC vents and USB charging ports. Tickets can be booked via the Chalo App, which also allows passengers to live track their buses, minimizing waiting times at bus stops.

In addition to its bus services, Chalo has developed a globally relevant bus operating system for bus operators. This system transforms traditional buses into ‘digital buses,’ enhancing reliability and service for passengers.

Chalo’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in its continuous efforts to improve and expand its services. With the fleet expansion and the introduction of new routes, Chalo is poised to further enhance the public transport experience in Mumbai. The company’s focus on sustainability, by incorporating electric buses, and its dedication to technology-driven solutions underline its position as a leader in the public transport sector.

Chalo’s strategic fleet expansion and introduction of new routes are set to significantly enhance the commuting experience in Mumbai. The company's focus on sustainability, innovation, and customer convenience positions it well to meet the growing demands of the city’s commuters. With its robust service offerings and commitment to excellence, Chalo is poised to revolutionize public transportation in Mumbai, providing a reliable, comfortable, and eco-friendly travel option for all.

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