MMRDA bags Most Innovative City Planner of the Year Award at Urban Infra 2023

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MMRDA bags Most Innovative City Planner of the Year Award at Urban Infra 2023

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News):  In a momentous event at the India International Centre in New Delhi on December 7, 2023, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) was awarded the prestigious "Most Innovative City Planner of the Year" at the 3rd Urban Infra Business Summit & Awards.

Expressing their dedication to transforming the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) into a sustainable urban hub with cutting-edge technology, MMRDA officials welcomed the recognition as a testament to their relentless efforts.

The Urban Infra Business Leadership Awards, hosted annually by the Urban Infra Group, aim to celebrate excellence in urban development. MMRDA's acknowledgment as the "Most Innovative City Planner of the Year" underscores its commitment to forward-thinking strategies.

Established on January 26, 1975, under the Mumbai Metropolitan Development Act, 1974, MMRDA has been instrumental in long-term planning, promoting new growth centers, and implementing strategic projects for infrastructure development.

Guided by the Regional Plan, MMRDA's objective is to position MMR as a hub for economic activity by fostering infrastructure development and improving the overall quality of life.

MMRDA's diverse responsibilities include the preparation of Regional Development Plans, provision of financial assistance for significant regional projects, support for local authorities and their infrastructure projects, coordination of project execution and schemes in MMR, and preventing activities that could adversely affect appropriate development.

Particularly noteworthy is MMRDA's role in conceptualizing, promoting, and monitoring key projects for developing new growth centers, contributing significantly to sectors such as transport, housing, water supply, and environmental conservation.

The recognition of MMRDA as the "Most Innovative City Planner of the Year" reaffirms its status as a visionary force in urban evolution. By consistently spearheading transformative projects and embracing progressive urban planning, MMRDA stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in India's urban landscape.

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