Kochi to implement integrated transport system for all modes of public transport

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Kochi to implement integrated transport system for all modes of public transport

Kochi, India (Urban Transport News): Aiming to implement an integrated transport system in the city, the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) is planning to hold discussion with bus operators and autorickshaw unions soon.

With commissioning of Kochi Water Metro services in the city in the coming weeks, KMRL would launch the integrated public transport system in the lines of the ‘Transport for London’ whereby a single card can be used on all transport services.

According to the plan, the new transport system will inter-link Metro trains, Water Metro boat services, buses and autorickshaw services in the city. A common payment method based on a new mobile application would be introduced as part of the new transport system, which is expected to increase the footfalls in Metro and also give a boost to the other public transport systems.

"The new transport system which allows commuter to pay through a common mobile application and travel in bus, autorickshaws and metro trains. As the existing Metro line lacks proper last mile connectivity there is a demand for multi-model integration of transport services in the city," said Loknath Behera, Managing Director, KMRL.

"KMRL has already completed two rounds of discussion regarding the implementation of the integrated system in Kochi and a mobile application-based common payment method would be introduced for the system," he added.

K B Suneer, leader of bus operators association in the city said that the new system is expected to attract more people to public transport vehicles including buses. “We are always ready to cooperate with Metro authorities in the initiative,” he said.

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