India-Japan relations will not change after Japanese PM Shinzo’s resignation

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India-Japan relations will not change after Japanese PM Shinzo’s resignation

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): On Friday, Japan’s present Prime Minister announced that he would step down due to health issues. Shinzo served for 8 years in the post of Prime Minister.

According to the updates, his successor will also follow his footsteps and will be willing to sign a logistic sharing arrangement with India to push it forward. Hence, this resignation is unlikely to affect the relations between India and Japan.

Under Abe Shinzo, Japan was one of the first countries to back India during the time of the Doklam episode. Additionally, all the expected successors of PM position supported close security and trade partnerships with India while both the countries were fighting.

As per the sources, the present Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso can take charge till the next elections. And the possible candidates could be Shinjiro Koizumi from the young brigade and Fumio Kishida, Taro Kono, and Yoshihide Suga.

The good news for India is that all of the probable candidates support Japan’s decision of mirroring the US moves to forge closer security and defense ties in India and putting Japan’s huge surplus in Indian mega projects.

Distribution and positioning of Japan’s capital are done by consensus for so many years. A major example is of Bullet Train, as it was initially supported by PM Junichiro Koizumi, the father of current Cabinet Minister Shinjiro and finally pulled off by PM Abe.

For the Bullet Train project, initially, India resisted the project because of many reasons including funding. But then it happened because the PM of that time and current contender Taro Aso had approved the massive funding for the project. They funded the project even if it led to the Japanese temporarily shelving their plan to fund the Bullet Train project.

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