Himachal Govt. plans to run Monorail in Shimla to overcome traffic issues

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Himachal Govt. plans to run Monorail in Shimla to overcome traffic issues

Shimla/Urban Transport News: The Himachal Pradesh Government is planning to run Monorail in Shimla for Tourists and locals. The monorail will be built on the 14-kilometer long stretch of Shimla City, where traffic jams remain throughout the year. The special thing is that almost any tree will not be sacrificed for this big project. Himachal's BJP government on Friday flagged the project after seeing the presentation of Switzerland's Company.

If the project is approved then it will be big relief for the locals and residents face traffic and crowd problems. As far as Switzerland's company is concerned, it has 50 years of experience in the mono rail project, and in such cases, people of Shimla can have great hopes.

Monorail will run here The proposed monorail will start with ISBT Tuticundi and will run till Pantghati. There will be 12 stops at this route. Including crossings, municipal parking, 103 tunnels, assembly, Victory tunnel, DDU hospital, lift parking, Himland, Tolland, SBI ATM Khalini, BCS and Kasumpti. Its total proposed distance is 14 kms, which the mono rail will set in 20 minutes. About 1000 passengers will get the convenience of traveling in an hour.

Monorail project will not cut a single tree Mono will serve as a feeder line and will be the bus service option in the city. This project will require very little ground and almost no tree will be cut. According to the officials of the Intamin Transportation, after completion of all the formalities, the project will take about two years to complete.

Previous governments also had raised for monorail People of Shimla have been listening to the noise of monorail for the last several years and at this time, they have not been surprised by the latest announcement made during the BJP government, but the expectations are definitely sitting. Monorail project also came under discussion in the previous Congress government, but the file was moved in cold storage.

The plan to run a tram in British times In the year 1917, during British rule, British officers had prepared a plan to run tram for the convenience of the Secretariat to the Wide Regal Lodge in the plain area. Some boxes were to be added to the British officers and some box workers, but the feasibility report did not work when it came to negative.

Rope-way project is hanging in the air? There is also a plan to start the plantation facility from the broken lane to Jakhu, which is being talked about by the Tuticundi to start the monorail project in Shimla. According to officials of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department, the study is underway on this project and it will fulfill the huge need of local people. When the study is complete, it is not clear at the moment.

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