Haryana Chief Secretary advocates innovative strategies at Urban Planning Conclave

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Haryana Chief Secretary advocates innovative strategies at Urban Planning Conclave

Gurugram, India (Urban Transport News): In a transformative move, Haryana's Chief Secretary, Sanjeev Kaushal, spearheaded a call for innovative urban development strategies during the Haryana conclave on urban planning. The event, organized by the Department of Town and Country Planning of Haryana in collaboration with the High-Level Committee on Urban Planning of the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, aimed to reshape the state's approach to urbanization in response to evolving dynamics.

Kaushal urged stakeholders to prioritize brownfield development over greenfield projects, emphasizing the redevelopment of underutilized land within cities. The chief secretary called for a holistic approach to address challenges such as traffic congestion and pollution, proposing innovative solutions like smart traffic management, integrated public transport networks, and promoting sustainable modes of transportation.

Diversity among urban areas prompted Kaushal to caution against a "one-size-fits-all" policy, advocating for alternative approaches such as land pooling, public-private partnerships, and incentivizing landowners to actively participate in development projects.

The conclave, attended by over 100 participants, seeks to deliberate and share experiences, setting the stage for the future of urbanization in Haryana. The collaborative effort aims to address state-specific initiatives for effective urban planning, aligning with the chief secretary's vision for dynamic, people-centric urban development.

This visionary approach emphasizes adaptability and innovation, marking a significant stride toward a sustainable and responsive urban landscape in Haryana.

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