DRA-led JV wins ₹2,384 crore contract for Ahmedabad Railway Station Redevelopment

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DRA-led JV wins ₹2,384 crore contract for Ahmedabad Railway Station Redevelopment

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Dineshchandra R Agrawal Infracon in partnership with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DRA – DMRC JV) has secured the leading position among six competing firms for the ambitious redevelopment project of Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station (ADI). The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has entrusted this significant endeavor to revamp the historical railway hub located in the Kalupur neighborhood, heralding a new era of modernity and integration of local heritage elements.

The scope of this Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) project encompasses a comprehensive transformation of the existing railway facility, coupled with the development of commercial, residential, and retail spaces. Notably, the design blueprint also integrates nearby heritage landmarks, such as the iconic Brick Minar and the renowned Jhulta Minar, thereby preserving the cultural essence of the surroundings.

This redevelopment initiative marks the culmination of a retender process initiated following the cancellation of the earlier round in April 2023. Afcons Infrastructure, the previous lowest bidder, had proposed a staggering bid of ₹5,355 crore, significantly surpassing RLDA's estimated cost of ₹2,563 crore, prompting the need for a revised bidding process.

The re-invitation of tenders in July 2023, with the same cost estimation and a stipulated project completion deadline of three years, facilitated a fresh competitive environment. Notably, there have been no apparent modifications to the project's scope during this transition.

Here are the financial bid values submitted by the participating firms:

  • DRA – DMRC JV: ₹2,383.59 Crore (L1)
  • NCC Ltd: ₹2,785.72 Crore (L2)
  • Afcons Infrastructure Ltd: ₹3,094.56 Crore (L3)
  • ITD Cementation India: ₹3,194.77 Crore (L4)
  • PSP – DBL JV: ₹3,302.93 Crore (L5)
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T): ₹3,447.23 Crore (L6)

The DRA – DMRC JV's bid emerged as the most competitive, standing 7% below RLDA's initial estimation, thereby positioning the consortium favorably for the upcoming contract award, pending approval from the Railway Board.

The forthcoming design for the new station building draws inspiration from the architectural marvels of the Modhera Sun Temple, promising a blend of contemporary aesthetics and cultural significance. Additionally, the premises of the station will incorporate an open-air amphitheater, designed akin to the splendor of the Adalaj Stepwell, enhancing the overall appeal of the redeveloped station.

Notably, the design for the amphitheater has been meticulously crafted by the appointed architect of RLDA, underscoring the emphasis on preserving the region's historical and cultural heritage. The intricate detailing and thoughtful integration of local elements stand as a testament to the commitment toward a holistic transformation that honors the essence of the local heritage.

In a related development, DRA, in collaboration with IRCON as part of the DRA-IRCON JV, is concurrently engaged in the construction of the Ahmedabad Station for the ambitious Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project. The ongoing construction of the 18.12 km Package C7 of the project includes the development of the Ahmedabad Station, further solidifying DRA's significant presence and contribution to the region's infrastructural landscape.

As the project inches closer to the final awarding of the contract, stakeholders and citizens alike eagerly anticipate the commencement of the redevelopment, which promises to redefine the region's transportation infrastructure and bolster the cultural significance of Ahmedabad.

In conclusion, the reimagined Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station is poised to become a modern marvel, seamlessly blending contemporary amenities with the rich cultural heritage of the region. The successful bid by the DRA – DMRC JV stands as a testament to their commitment to delivering excellence in infrastructure development, setting a promising precedent for future railway projects in India. With a holistic approach that integrates historical elements, the redevelopment promises to offer a transformative experience for both commuters and visitors, solidifying Ahmedabad's position as a dynamic and culturally significant hub in India's railway network.

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