Delhi Govt mandates all transport aggregators to Go Electric by 2030

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Delhi Govt mandates all transport aggregators to Go Electric by 2030

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): In a groundbreaking development, Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena has given the green light to the Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme 2023. This comprehensive scheme, awaiting official notification, is poised to revolutionize the regulation and licensing of delivery services and transport aggregators operating in the national capital.

Endorsed by the Delhi government on October 18, the scheme has received a nod from Lieutenant Governor Saxena, signifying a pivotal step in the city's ongoing battle against pollution. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal underscores the scheme's significance, emphasizing its role in bringing aggregator platforms under government oversight. The primary goal is to ensure the safety of passengers and customers while addressing environmental concerns.

At the heart of the scheme is a bold mandate for the transition of commercial vehicle fleets to electric mobility. With the aim of mitigating air pollution and fostering green transportation, the scheme dictates that all vehicle fleets of aggregators, delivery service providers, and e-commerce entities in Delhi must transition to electric vehicles (EVs) by April 1, 2030.

The scheme lays out specific targets for the introduction of electric vehicles in aggregator fleets. For two-wheelers, a 100% EV target is set, while three-wheelers aim for 10% within six months, 50% in two years, and 100% in four years. Four-wheelers are required to achieve 5% EV adoption in six months, 50% in three years, and 100% in five years. Delivery service providers have similar targets, with distinct timelines for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers.

In a move to promote exclusive electric vehicle services, the scheme allows aggregators to operate bike taxi services exclusively with electric vehicles. Operational guidelines for this initiative are meticulously detailed in the scheme, offering a framework for the seamless integration of electric bike taxis into the transportation landscape.

This significant move follows closely on the heels of the Delhi government's notification of the Delhi Motor Vehicles Licensing of Aggregator (Premium Buses) Scheme, 2023. These progressive steps underline the government's commitment to transforming the transportation sector and combating pollution effectively.

Delhi's ambitious push towards mandating electric mobility for transport aggregators reflects a forward-looking approach in addressing environmental concerns. With specific targets and timelines, the Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme 2023 set the stage for a sustainable and green future in the capital's transportation sector.

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